La Novena: From modern times, a not-so-crazy ‘Caballo Loco’ and Bad Bunny in Houston

Bill Russells 6 will retire from the entire NBA

1. BASEBALL It is probably, and this is just to not be absolute, the most conservative discipline of the five big professional sports in the United States (football, basketball, boxing and ice hockey). It is no coincidence that baseball and youth do not fully share, or at least, in the hierarchy of tastes, what was … Read more

Blake Snell throws a stone at Tampa taking advantage of Jeter’s resignation

Blake Snell throws a stone at Tampa taking advantage of

The resignation of Dereck Jeter from his position as CEO of the Miami Marlins, caused a series of chain reactions due to the symbolic nature of his gesture (in the midst of the negotiations between MLB and the Union), the last of which was that of the player from the Padres and former Tampa ace: … Read more

Derek Jeter and his departure from the Marlins could be due to another reason

Derek Jeter and his departure from the Marlins could be

Derek Jeter’s departure from the Miami Marlins is said to be more a result of owner Bruce Sherman’s decision than Jeter’s. Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald notes that Sherman had apparently told an associate that it would be difficult for him to publicly fire Jeter, even with Sherman’s discontent over low attendance numbers, among … Read more

Yankees: How A-Rod and Derek Jeter went from best friends to not being able to stand each other

Yankees How A Rod and Derek Jeter went from best friends

It is common for a team full of stars to have egos that are difficult to overcome, as perhaps it was for that team of the New York Yankees of the end of the 90’s and in the 2000’s, where there were players of the stature of Roger Clemens, Mariano Rivera, Andy Pettitte, Jorge Posada, … Read more

The 10 richest baseball players in history

The 10 richest baseball players in history

From time to time, lists of the best players in baseball history come out, so there is a constant debate about who has been the best player in history. Babe Ruth? Barry Bonds? Willie Mays? But have you ever wondered, who have been the richest players in history? Here we will show you the 10 … Read more

How much Derek Jeter earns and how much is his fortune calculated?

How much Derek Jeter earns and how much is his

Derek Jeter he is already a retired professional baseball player. Currently, at his 47 years, is a renowned American baseball businessman and manager. find out How much earn and better yet, how much is estimated to be your fortune after a successful life. How much does Derek Jeter earn and what is his fortune? The … Read more

MLB: Derek Jeter better than Ichiro, Pujols, Berra and Pete Rose? ESPN ranking controversy

MLB Derek Jeter better than Ichiro Pujols Berra and Pete

MLB It is the oldest sports league in the United States. having been founded in 1876 when the National League was formed, which marks the beginning of the Major Leagues in the American Union, so when thehe other leagues such as the NFL or the NBA were barely gaining traction in the mid-20th century, baseball … Read more

A breakfast with Derek Jeter was vital to his contract, why did this player want to come to Miami?

A breakfast with Derek Jeter was vital to his contract

The important thing was said and done at breakfast. Derek Jeter wanted to see with his own eyes just how real Avisail Garcia’s desire to play in Miami was. The Venezuelan sought to find the truth about the Marlins in the words of his legendary executive. In the end, they both left hopeful of what … Read more

Yankees: Carlos Correa lashes out at Derek Jeter Could he ruin his signing in NY?

Puerto Rican Carlos Correa is considered perhaps as the best free agent available in this winter market of MLB, seeking a mega contract worth over $ 300 million, and reportedly one of the top teams in the race for the Puerto Rican being the New York Yankees, having already started talks between his agent and … Read more

Derek Jeter was inducted into the Hall of Fame amidst the gazes of his famous nephew and Michael Jordan

Derek Jeter

Derek Jeter during his Cooperstown enthronement speech. Photo: Jim McIsaac / Getty Images Derek Jeter was exalted to Cooperstown Hall of Fame this Wednesday. One of the greatest players in the history of baseball and the New York Yankees can already be considered an immortal. And he did it in a big way: accompanied by … Read more