A-Rod enjoys the change from the MLB to the NBA

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LAS VEGAS — Alex Rodriguez stood near his courtside seat, oblivious to a few fans snapping a quick photo of him as they walked by. Instead, he was watching the Minnesota Timberwolves warm up. Rodriguez, currently part of the Timberwolves ownership group with plans for him and his business partner Marc Lore to take over … Read more

“ARod” euphoric as Timberwolves win over Clippers

ARod euphoric as Timberwolves win over Clippers

The former baseball player of Dominican origin became the owner of the Minnesota team in 2021 Alex Rodriguez He is known as one of the most talented players in the history of MLB, as well as one of the main figures in the biggest performance-enhancing substance use scandal in professional baseball. However, in his life … Read more

Yankees: A-Rod reveals that he suffers from a delicate health problem

Yankees A Rod reveals that he suffers from a delicate health

For former New York Yankees player Alex Rodriguezthings have not been so bad for him since his breakup with Jennifer López, having several quite lucrative businesses such as the purchase of the NBA Minnesota Timberwolvesin addition to rebuilding his family and love life with his daughters, ex-wife and a new girlfriend. However, age is taking … Read more

Yankees: How A-Rod and Derek Jeter went from best friends to not being able to stand each other

Yankees How A Rod and Derek Jeter went from best friends

It is common for a team full of stars to have egos that are difficult to overcome, as perhaps it was for that team of the New York Yankees of the end of the 90’s and in the 2000’s, where there were players of the stature of Roger Clemens, Mariano Rivera, Andy Pettitte, Jorge Posada, … Read more

A-Rod and 375 million try to save Donald Trump’s financial crisis

A Rod and 375 million try to save Donald Trumps financial

By Jesus Perez Vichot (Chuchi) One of the greatest baseball players in history, the American with Dominican roots, Alex Rodríguez, has become one of the key pieces of the group of investors that seeks to keep the rights to the hotel in Washington, DC, owned by the former president. donald trump But the most curious … Read more

Yankees: Former Mets pitcher says A-Rod ‘doesn’t deserve to be in Hall of Fame’

Should the Yankees remove A Rods 13 instead of giving

The controversy over the Hall of Fame continues its course in MLB after the election only saw David Ortiz elected to Cooperstownshutting out other players cLike Barry Bonds, Curt Schilling, Roger Clemens or Sammy Sosa. The truth is that Big Papi is one of the few who have been chosen in his first year on … Read more

MLB: Fans mock A-Rod after his appearance in NFL game

MLB Fans mock A Rod after his appearance in NFL game

Alex Rodríguez has managed to revive his image after a very controversial career from MLB and with the New York Yankees, which came with a highly publicized relationship with Jennifer López, in addition to a career in the media and now as an investor, owning the franchise of the NBA Timberwolves. Now, with his millions, … Read more