La Novena: From modern times, a not-so-crazy ‘Caballo Loco’ and Bad Bunny in Houston

Bill Russells 6 will retire from the entire NBA

1. BASEBALL It is probably, and this is just to not be absolute, the most conservative discipline of the five big professional sports in the United States (football, basketball, boxing and ice hockey). It is no coincidence that baseball and youth do not fully share, or at least, in the hierarchy of tastes, what was … Read more

What did Starling Marte have to give in return to wear number six with the Mets?

What did Starling Marte have to give in return to

The Dominican had to do an arduous job of convincing who until this year used the number that now belongs to him There are few people in the world more superstitious than professional athletes. From special rituals to particular clothes, it is not uncommon to see an athlete have a certain attachment to something that … Read more

The 20 best Dominican players in MLB for 2022 (First Part)

The 20 best Dominican players in MLB for 2022 First

ESPN Digital presents its top Dominican players for the 2022 Major League Baseball season Who are the best Dominican players for the 2022 campaign? After several weeks where the main issue was the work stoppage, it was finally confirmed that there would be baseball and that a large number of Dominicans, as is customary, will … Read more

MLB: What awaits the Mets; Starling Marte shines with tremendous home runs in the Dominican

MLB What awaits the Mets Starling Marte shines with tremendous

Starling mars became a new player of New York Mets a few days ago and while it’s time to debut there in the 2022 Season of MLB he is warming up his arm. This because the gardener showed off with tremendous hits and hitting home runs in the LIDOM Game of Legends. Here the video. … Read more

Starling Marte and New York Mets would sign four-year, $ 78 million deal

Starling Marte and New York Mets would sign four year

The Dominican center fielder is coming off one of his best seasons and joins the hires of Eduardo Escobar and Mark Canha The New York Mets have been left with the best center fielder in free agency in the figure of Starling mars, since the Dominican and the Queens franchise have agreed for 4 seasons … Read more

MLB: From another planet; Mets deals with outfielder Starling Marte for four years

MLB From another planet Mets deals with outfielder Starling Marte

The New York Mets agree with the free agent center fielder, Starling mars, pending a physical exam. It’s the culmination of a shocking night for the Mets, who have also come to terms with the infielder Eduardo Escobar and outfielder Mark Canha in the last hours. It’s a $ 78MM four-year warranty for Mars. Marte … Read more

MLB Free Agent Superlatives: Players Most Likely To …

MLB Free Agent Superlatives Players Most Likely To

We’re back with the fourth edition of free agent superlatives, and this year’s free agent class is without a doubt the most excellent we’ve seen in several years. What’s not so great is an offseason that can hit a wall thanks to the impending work stoppage at midnight on December 1, when the owners will … Read more

Starling Marte: Highest-average hitter who can’t win the MLB batting title in 2021

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The special circumstances that the Dominican lives in 2021, despite being his best season, keep him from one of the most coveted awards of the “Big Top” Starling mars is having one of the best seasons of his 10-year career in Big leagues. After being one of the most prominent figures in Pittsburgh piratesThe outfielder … Read more

Starling Marte challenges time as leader of stolen bases in 2021

Starling Marte is looking to become just the third player in his 30s to dominate the cheated pads stat from 1990 to date. The 2021 campaign of the Big leagues points to being one of the best in the career of the Dominican outfielder Starling mars. At the offensive level, Mars he has several stats … Read more