MLB: Hall of Fame prepared for Miguel Cabrera’s 3,000th hit

Harold Capote Fernandez Baseball utensils are part of the dynamics of the King of Sports, seen of course from the perspective of analysis and historical assessment mixed with feelings of a fan, an admirer. In this case, the Major League Hall of Fame is prepared for the moment of glory that will involve the arrival … Read more

Why have these deserving Latino ballplayers in Cooperstown been forgotten?

Cooperstown is the hallowed hall of the immortals of the sport of balls and strikes. It is the greatest aspiration of the players after they reach the Major Leagues. But not everything works well in this sports institution, as several Latino players deserve recognition and have been forgotten. Only 19 players and three narrators born … Read more

MLB: For Albert Pujols, Barry Bonds has been the best of all time

Albert Pujols is perhaps the last player, along with Miguel Cabrera, Nelson Cruz and some others how Justin Verlander or Zack Greinkewho once came to share a playing field in MLB with the Stars from the 90’s and early 2000’s in full transition of the Age of Steroids, coinciding with players like Randy Johnson, Greg … Read more

MLB: Former Player Who Played in the Steroid Era Says He’s ‘Relieved’ Bonds Didn’t Make the HOF

For almost two months, the main topic of MLB was undoubtedly the discussion about the Hall of Fame, whose 2022 class has been perhaps the most controversial of all, including the players most related to prohibited substances, such as Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, Alex Rodríguez or Manny Ramírez. After all the speculation, only David Ortiz … Read more

Another Latin American in Cooperstown: David Ortiz was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame

David Ortiz was the first player to be announced as immortal in the 2021 vote. Photo: Adam Glanzman/Getty Images the ex-player David Ortiz became this Tuesday the new immortal of the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstownin recognition of his outstanding Major League career. The player with the most votes on the ballot and the … Read more

MLB: Players propose new Hall of Fame voting system after ‘fiasco’

The 2022 election of the Hall of Fame of MLB It was undoubtedly the most controversial in a long time, not only because of the names that there were and their problematic background, but because there is a lot of dissonance between what they think the voting journalists of the BBWAA and what the vast … Read more

MLB: Did Babe Ruth Burn His Wife Alive? Verlander’s brother makes controversial statement in support of Barry Bonds

The fact that Barry Bonds with Roger Clemens have not entered the MLB Hall of Fame has caused quite a heated debate in the baseball world, with arguments for and against that these players, along with others who are involved in the problem of prohibited substances and other entanglements of a personal nature, may enter … Read more

MLB: 15 players were eliminated from the ballot to the Hall of Fame, among them some of the best in history

After months of waiting, the Hall of Fame voting results Generation 2022. The announcement also revealed which players have been left out of the voting ballots having reached its tenth possible year for election and for other reasons. And boy was that a lot of those who have already been excluded, given that they are … Read more

MLB: Remembering the legendary Hank Aaron one year after his death with 5 incredible facts

Two numbers will be forever linked to Hank Aaron. The 715, the number of home runs it took to dethrone to Babe Ruth as the home run king in 1974, in one of the most iconic moments in the sport. And the 755, his home run total and a record that stood for 31 years. … Read more