Alex Rodriguez: The amazing $480,000 Rolls Royce that he replaces with this…

Alex Rodriguez The amazing 480000 Rolls Royce that he replaces

Alex Rodríguez, a former professional baseball player, scores a home run in his extraordinary collection of extensively varied cars, highlighting one of the most impressive and expensive in his fleet, such as his Rolls Royce, to another that you never imagined he could drive. Don’t miss the details below… March 16, 2022 8:25 p.m. Alex … Read more

Yankees: How A-Rod and Derek Jeter went from best friends to not being able to stand each other

Yankees How A Rod and Derek Jeter went from best friends

It is common for a team full of stars to have egos that are difficult to overcome, as perhaps it was for that team of the New York Yankees of the end of the 90’s and in the 2000’s, where there were players of the stature of Roger Clemens, Mariano Rivera, Andy Pettitte, Jorge Posada, … Read more

MLB: Is A Rod ready to make his return to the Major Leagues?

MLB Is A Rod ready to make his return to

The media is aware that Alex Rodriguez ‘hung up the spikes’ in 2016 when announcing his retirement as a professional baseball player MLB. However, To Rod recently showed that could be ready to return to play in the Major Leagues. Well, not necessarily but the ex-New York Yankees made it clear he still has the … Read more

The 10 richest baseball players in history

The 10 richest baseball players in history

From time to time, lists of the best players in baseball history come out, so there is a constant debate about who has been the best player in history. Babe Ruth? Barry Bonds? Willie Mays? But have you ever wondered, who have been the richest players in history? Here we will show you the 10 … Read more

Yankees: Former Mets pitcher says A-Rod ‘doesn’t deserve to be in Hall of Fame’

Should the Yankees remove A Rods 13 instead of giving

The controversy over the Hall of Fame continues its course in MLB after the election only saw David Ortiz elected to Cooperstownshutting out other players cLike Barry Bonds, Curt Schilling, Roger Clemens or Sammy Sosa. The truth is that Big Papi is one of the few who have been chosen in his first year on … Read more

MLB: Former Tigres del Licey narrator gives A-Rod everything; ‘What has he done for RD?’

MLB Former Tigres del Licey narrator gives A Rod everything What

There is no doubt that former New York Yankees Alex Rodriguez, He is one of the most controversial players in the entire history of MLB, not only because of his involvement with prohibited substances, but because of his arrogant and polarizing behavior during his playing career, seeking redemption now as an entrepreneur and media analyst. … Read more

Yankees: Hall of Fame Voter Explains Why A-Rod Is On His Ballot

Yankees Hall of Fame Voter Explains Why A Rod Is On

Throughout his MLB career, Alex Rodríguez was a controversial figure for different reasons, And even before the scandal of Biogenesis and its suspension for use of prohibited substances, the former New York Yankees had quite a polarizing demeanor and that he did not go down well with a sector of the press, fans and even … Read more

A-Rod spends his first Thanksgiving without JLo with his ex-wife and daughters

A Rod spends his first Thanksgiving without JLo with his ex wife

This 2021 has been quite active for the former player of MLB and the New York Yankees, Alex Rodríguez, who has done everything and everything has happened to him: He broke up with his fiancée Jennifer Lopez, bought from Minnesota Timberwolves of the NBA, He took out his own brand of beers with his compadre … Read more

MLB: ARod ‘shows off’ his basketball skills (video)

MLB ARod shows off his basketball skills video

It is well known that Alex Rodriguez is considered one of the best players of his time for what he showed with the New York Yankees in his career in MLB. Nevertheless, ARod let see that he also has skills in other sports like basketball, since he knows how to move the ball on the … Read more

A Rod comes to the NBA and has already created a scandal; he even got a tremendous fine

A new scandal has been present in the life and career of Alex Rodriguez, because the Minnesota Timberwolves were creditors of a penalty fee by the National Basketball Association (NBA) for having organized a group event at the home of To Rod during the off season. The ex-player of New York Yankees He is a … Read more