THE CONSEQUENCES ARRIVED: The Commission’s measures created a new and great problem for the National Series

THE CONSEQUENCES ARRIVED The Commissions measures created a new and

By Yasel Porto The measure recently taken by the National Baseball Commission on the athletes Andrés Hernández and Alexis Varona has brought negative consequences within the National Series that the only thing they do is attack the tournament, its protagonists on the field and the fans at the game. Although the National Director of Baseball, … Read more

A Rod comes to the NBA and has already created a scandal; he even got a tremendous fine

A new scandal has been present in the life and career of Alex Rodriguez, because the Minnesota Timberwolves were creditors of a penalty fee by the National Basketball Association (NBA) for having organized a group event at the home of To Rod during the off season. The ex-player of New York Yankees He is a … Read more

An Oxford mathematician created an algorithm that decreed who is the greatest footballer of all time


Diego Maradona, Pelé, Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo The Dr. Tom Crawford sought to put an end to a debate as old as football itself: Who is the best player in history?. As time passes, this question becomes more complex to reveal as new figures take over the scene and position themselves above others, according … Read more

An order has been created for the Euro final to be replayed: Will it be achieved?

An order has been created for the Euro final to

Getty Italian players celebrating the Italian championship In England they continue with the bitterness of having lost the grand final of Euro 2020 against Italy at Wembley. The dramatic end of the game left many with a very strong pain in which some already want to take action on the matter. According to the … Read more