EBA: The best U22 of the week

The second round is already underway in all the Conferences and the U22s continue to be protagonists throughout the 10 groups that make up the EBA League. We go punctual to our appointment with them and that none of the most outstanding performances of the week go unnoticed.

U22: 2001 and later years

Group A

AA group

Wide triumph of the Inmapa Filipenses Group of Silvano Merlo (’02 / 12 pt, 11 d, 9 as) and Papa Njie (’03 / 10 d) about the Ardoi Megafootwear Jon Mendivil (’01/15 pt, 5d).

The work of Unai Barandalla (’02 / 18 pt) Y Elvis Ude (’03/11d) It was not enough to end the losing streak of the Bilbao Basket Foundation, which lost on its visit to Tabirako.

The great match of Pablo Martín (’01 / 28 pt, 5 re) and the 17 points from Iñigo Mayorga (’03) were insufficient for Clínica Sur-Aspasia RVB to defeat Ereaga Clínica Dental Getxo at home Nahuel del Val (’01 / 16 pt).

Another team in negative dynamics is the Grupo de Santiago de Mike Mukendi (’04/15 pt)which fell to CB Santurtzi SK of Bingen Perez (’01/19 pt).

The 8 assists (and 11 points) of Mario Solórzano (’01) They were not enough for Raisan Pas Piélagos to tie the victory at home against a serious Easo.

AB group

Despite the contribution of Fer Bello (’03 / 17 pt, 6 d)Construcciones Riveira EDM A Estrada lost at home to Solgaleo Bosco Salesianos with a great Isaac Vázquez (’04 / 23 pt, 6 d, 4 ro).

Seventh consecutive victory for Hereda Ávila Auténtica El Bulevar de Alejo Maggi (’02 / 15 pt / 9 re)the last one on the Gijón Basket court.

The EBA is starting to get too small Pau Isern (’01)who went to 44 rating thanks to his 30 points, 12 rebounds, 3 assists and 4 stealsleading the away win for Calvo Basket Xiria in Porriño.

The Obradoiro Ames de Guillermo González (’02 / 20 pt, 6 D, 4 as) and Carlos Taboada (’03 / 11 D) he came close to assaulting the Círculo Gijón fiefdom.

despite the 15 points from Diego Cuetos (’04)Real Grupo de Cultura Covadonga was no match for a serious Peixe.

One more day in the office of the Cultural and Sports Leonesa, with victory and a great game of Fede Copes (’02 / 18 pt, 13 d, 5 ro) Before The Arrow

B Group

BA group

Add and follow the Real Madrid subsidiary, brand new champion of the ANGT qualifying phase; by the hand of Hugo González (’06 / 18 pt, 7 re)who returned to pull gallons, clearly defeated Náutico.

Great triumph for Doña Ramoncita CB La Solana de Sdenry Gonzalez (’02)who went to 22 points, 3 rebounds and 3 assists before none other than Socuéllamos.

Zentro Basket Madrid also added positive, with 16 points and 5 rebounds by Victor Valdes (’04) before Holy Cross.

Alejandro Orozco (’04) continues pulling CB Aridane, although his 15 points they could not prevent their team from falling to Uros de Rivas.

BB group

The Pintobasket of Marcos Taeño (’02 / 17 pt, 5 d, 4 ro) he fell in a disputed match against Pozuelo.

He highlighted the base again Tiago Dias (’04)that with his 19 points, 11 rebounds and 6 assists helped Baloncesto Torrelodones to stand up to a tough rival like Guadalajara, who sweated to defeat the Madrid team.

The NCS Alcobendas de Juanjo Jiménez (’01 / 23 mi, 22 pt, 4 ro, 9/10 T2, 4/4 TL)defeating the Sun Chlorella Dragons of Alvaro Herguedas (’02 / 21 pt) Y Taiga Okada (’04/16 pt, 3d, 4as).

The CB Fuenlabrada subsidiary defeated Valsequillo, with Matija Samar (’04) scoring 20 points (1/9 T3) and Adama Traore (’05 / 16 pt, 14 D) ruling the painting

He does not miss his Thursday appointment Jonathan George (’02)what with 19 points led the triumph of Transportes Gobra Güímar over La Matanza.

Group C

Group C1

excellent level of Kevin Torres (’03)which went to some stratospheric 27 points and 6 reboundswell seconded by Adrià Moncanut (’02 / 15 pt, 11 ace) in the triumph of the Bàsquet Girona subsidiary against Joventut Badalona de Aunt Aristode (’06 / 17 pt) Y Omar Thiam (’04 / 18 pt, 11 D).

He also won the CB Quart Germans Cruz, with double-double by Josep Gascón (’01 / 16 pt, 14 D) on the Castelldefels track.

Pancho Rentals Visit Calvià Àgora Portals continues to zero, losing to Martorell despite the double figures of Michael Enabulele (’06/19 pt, 10 D).

An assist makes two happy. That thought Pablo Murcia (’01)which signed 10 basket passes so that Sol Gironès Bisbal Bàsquet comfortably beat Almozara.

Group C2

Prestigious triumph at the home of Anagan El Olivar de Lucas Langarita (’05 / 21 pt, 8 re)coming back to take the game in extra time against none other than Valls.

Outstanding debut of the young Slovenian Jan Saganin (’01)adding up 18 points in the defeat of Pinta B CB Es Castell on the Roser track.

SESE took an even duel against FC Martinenc Bàsquet de Pol Fallow (’02 / 17 pt, 7/7 TL, 4 D).

Barça Atlètic returned to winning ways after two defeats and, led by a Dame Sarr (’06/27pt, 7d) that in the face of the marches and Nessah’s injury has taken responsibility, beat CB Navàs Viscola de Edu Ibáñez (’03 / 20 pt).

The junior is not bored Ousmane Ndour (’05 / 16 pt, 15 D)although his Ibersol CB Tarragona succumbed in extra time against CB Granollers pisos.com de Jordi Auró (’02 / 20 pt, 7 re).

very serious party Pol Mulio (’02) from the ‘one’, with 18 points in the victory of Monbus CB Igualada against a CN Helios from which he shot Sergio Martinez (’01 / 21 pt).

Group D

AD group

The leader UCB Camper Eurogaza, with 15 points from Antonio Bioque (’01)won in a difficult match against CB Novaschool Rincón de la Victoria in a Oscar Diaz (’02) that bust the bank again with 28 points.

For its part, the co-leader Ecoculture Costa de Almería went to 112 points, Khadim Fall 18 (’01)in his victory against Melilla Sport Capital Enrique Soler B of Sergio Curbelo (’04 / 16 pt).

Valuable victory that Jaén Paraíso Interior CB added to not get off the hook from the upper zone, with a great Javier Martínez (’03 / 22 pt, 11 re) before Benahavis.

Murgi was about to come back against a Unicaja Andalucía that tied the game by the minimum of the hand of Mario Saint-Supéry (’06 / 22 pt, 7 d) and Rubén Vicente (’05 / 19 pt, 5 d).

DB group

double-double of Giorgi Sulaberidze (’04 / 18 pt, 10 d) in the victory of City of Badajoz Academy against Baublock Gymnástica, where he does not stop producing Mario Linde (’02 / 31 pt, 27 val)Accompanied by David Jimenez (’04/17 pt).

Carlos Varela (’05 / 11 re) Y Alvaro Gallego (’06 / 17 pt) they stood out in the defeat, in extra time, of Real Betis Basketball B against PMD Aljaraque.

exhibition of Carlos Galán (’02 / 26 pt, 16 D, 40 val) in the victory of Bodegón Andalucía Cimbis over Modular Moraleja.

Group E

AE group

He fell at home NB Paterna, with Daniel Masip (’03) contributing 12 reboundsagainst Jovens L’Eliana in which the top scorer was Alessio Zandri (’01 / 15 pt).

Alfonso Ribera (’01 / 16 pt) led the important victory of EB Vila-real in the direct duel with Puerto Sagunto.

Picken Claret reaches the TAU Castelló subsidiary in the table by beating them at home with Marcos Berenguer (’02 / 22 pt, 26 val) Y Pedro Baena (’01 / 18 pt) in front.

Pablo Silla (’05 / 15 pt) Y David Barberá (’05 / 16 pt, 11 re) they excelled in the bulky domestic defeat of Valencia against the leader Refitel Llíria.

Marc Alberola (’01) feasted on painting (10 d) in NB Torrent’s victory over Aldaia.

EB Group

Makar Voronin (’05 / 23 pt, 25 val) led the valuable victory of the Lucentum Alicante subsidiary in their visit to Eset Ontinet.

Proinbeni UPB Gandia did not forgive before the CB Ilicitano Caja Rural Central de Malik Camal (’01/15 pt)who was once again the top scorer.

Enormous Javi Velasco (’01 / 25 pt)with a good game of Fran Hernandez (’04 / 15 pt) in the victory of Sercomosa Molina in the Murcian derby played on the Organic Ager Begastri track.

Oskars Hernandez (’01) he went to 16 points in the comfortable victory of La Salud Archena against Servigroup Benidorm.

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EBA: The best U22 of the week