MLB: Will Omar Vizquel be able to go to the Hall of Fame with the vote of the Association of Journalists?

MLB Will Omar Vizquel be able to go to the

Next Tuesday the 24th it will be known if there is or one, new elected for the Hall of Fame of the Major Leagues; At this point, 171 ballots of the 396 estimated have been published, where for the moment, it is expected that the former sluggers Todd Helton and Scott Rolen will be invested … Read more

MLB: Bob Abreu could take a boost to the Hall of Fame

MLB Bob Abreu could take a boost to the Hall

In the absence of 3 dates to conclude the 2022/2023 scrutiny process for the Hall of Fame171 ballots out of approximately 396 have been revealed, in this sense, we see that Bob Abreu will achieve his highest endorsement percentage since his eternity option was enabled in 2020. Also read: MLB: Will Omar Vizquel be able … Read more

MLB: How affected were Miguel Cabrera’s numbers in Los Tigres park?

MLB How affected were Miguel Cabreras numbers in Los Tigres

A few days ago the Detroit Tigers they announced their decision to shorten the distances from their pitch at Comerica Park; Miguel Cabrera spoke about this on his Instagram account, jokingly pointing out his desire to play for a few more years. The situation also brought to mind what was the 2000 season of slugger … Read more

MLB: That is the role that Miguel Rojas could play with the Los Angeles Dodgers

MLB That is the role that Miguel Rojas could play

Miguel Rojas After a good time with the Miami Marlins, he was traded to the los angeles dodgers, team where he began his professional career in the Major Leagues. The Creole infielder could have a new role in his return to California. Although the projections place the Venezuelan as the new shortstop for the Dodgers, … Read more

MLB: These are the 5 teams that have best strengthened themselves in the Major Leagues

NFL announces the 100 best players of the 2021 22 season

The dead season market in major league It is the golden opportunity that teams have to become better, either by acquiring an elite player, or by retaining a base and adding specific links that serve to solidify a team. December 2022 has undoubtedly been a very busy time in the best baseball in the world, … Read more

How serious could the injury be that prevents Carlos Correa from signing with the Mets?

The Houston Texans become the first NFL team to sell

Carlos Correa was 19 years old when a broken fibula in his right leg forced him to undergo surgery before his dream debut in the Major Leagues. His operation in Houston in 2014 was a success and his subsequent Major League debut was a success, to the point that he was named American League Rookie … Read more

MLB: Harold Castro with merits to extend his stay in the best baseball in the world

MLB Miguel Cabrera begins a new stage in the final

Frederlin Castro In 2022, Harold Castro played 120 games, the best number of his career. Interestingly, he hit better in the majors than he did in the minors. Along the way, he earned a nickname: Hittin’ Harold. Castro rarely hit for power, but as AJ Hinch often said, “When you need a single, he’s your … Read more

MLB: Franklin Barreto will try to return to the Major Leagues with this team

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The 2020 season was the last time Franklin Barreto played in a Major League game. Looking ahead to next year, the Venezuelan infielder reached a minor league agreement with the washington nationalsas reported this Thursday by the renowned journalist, Jon Heyman. Also read: MLB: This is the new report on Willson Contreras, the Cardinals and … Read more

MLB: Shohei Ohtani’s rival asks for a clue in the best baseball in the world

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Meridian Writing The Hanshin Tigers of Japan’s professional baseball league have sent right-hander Shintaro Fujinami to Major League Baseball’s transfer system, they announced Thursday. Fujinami will now have 30 days to negotiate with MLB clubs. If he reaches an agreement with an MLB team, the Hanshin Tigers will receive a compensatory fee derived from the … Read more

MLB: 3 players who need to change teams

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There are several players in the Major Leagues whose performance poorly, or simply never worked, in a certain environment. As in all aspects of life, when things are not going well, it is difficult for relationships to continue to extend over time. In the Major Leagues there have been players who, for various reasons, failed … Read more