MLB: Harold Castro with merits to extend his stay in the best baseball in the world

MLB Miguel Cabrera begins a new stage in the final

Frederlin Castro In 2022, Harold Castro played 120 games, the best number of his career. Interestingly, he hit better in the majors than he did in the minors. Along the way, he earned a nickname: Hittin’ Harold. Castro rarely hit for power, but as AJ Hinch often said, “When you need a single, he’s your … Read more

Monsignor Castro will preside over the 47th La Altagracia Basketball Tournament – Momento Deportivo RD

Monsignor Castro will preside over the 47th La Altagracia Basketball

Jorge Tavárez and Rafael Uribe, presidents of Abapa and Fedombal, respectively, in the center, together with the members of the TBS Higüey 2022-23 Organizing Committee, among them, from the left, the technical director Hugo Carrasco, Saturnino Güílamo “Iván”, the mayor of Higüey Rafael Duluc “Cholitín” and Oscar Valdez Cueto. External source. HIGUEY, LA ALTAGRACIA, RD.- … Read more

Pujols, Castro, Cueto, Lagares, among free agents who have not gotten a contract

Pujols Castro Cueto Lagares among free agents who have not

Two weeks before the start of the 2022 season, more than fifty players who worked in the previous season and who have shown no intention of retiring from baseball, are on the Major League unemployed list. The list includes the illustrious Dominican first baseman and designated hitter Albert Pujols, a future member of the Cooperstown … Read more

Waiting for a call! Pujols, Cueto and Castro unemployed

1647866412 Waiting for a call Pujols Cueto and Castro unemployed

In the case of Pujols, age and the decrease in his numbers affect him, Neck is haunted by arm injuries and Castro has lost a bit of the impact he had. 18 days after the opening of the Big leaguesworry that Albert Pujols, Johnny Cueto and Starlin Castro remain jobless. mike rodriguez, from Chicago Univision, … Read more

Medina on the anniversary of Juan Castro: “That made me feel very bad and it still hurts”

Medina on the anniversary of Juan Castro That made me

By Yasel Porto January 31 is a transcendental day for the Cuban catcher. The reason is none other than the birth on the same day, although in different years, of two of its most renowned figures in the position within the National Series: Juan Castro García and Ariel Pestano Valdés. Unfortunately, the first two years … Read more

LEGEND Danel Castro very close to several HISTORICAL in National Series

LEGEND Danel Castro very close to several HISTORICAL in National

By Robiel Vega/ @robielcuba87 One of the most attractive icons of the current National Series 61 is undoubtedly Daniel Castro, owner of a vast history in the Cuban scene, both with the Lumberjacks of Las Tunas and with the national team and the only active member of the team that faced the Baltimore Orioles in … Read more

Luis Castro, first Latin American in MLB

Luis Castro was not only the first Colombian-born baseball player, but also the first Latin American player to appear in a recognized Major League Baseball game. A second baseman who played for the 1902 Philadelphia Athletics, Castro long kept his birthplace a secret – allegedly out of fear of deportation – and died bankrupt. It … Read more