LVBP: Harold Castro applies power and Caracas leaves Magallanes in serious difficulties (+ Photos)

The last chapter of round robin Between the Eternal Rivals, Navegantes del Magallanes and Leones del Caracas it couldn’t have been more exciting and close at the University Stadium; attached to their great tradition it was a duel fought until the conclusive instances.

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With JC Ramírez as the starter for the long-haired, and David Reyes for the ship, it is the home team who hit first, at the end of their first offensive chance when three consecutive singles by Wilfredo Tovar, Harold Castro Y Jose Rondon.

The visit equalized when the third arrived, where Rayder Ascanio He started with an undisputed, moved to second base on a selection play against Edwin García’s connection and stepped on the plate with a double by Rainel Rosario.

At the end of that episode, Leones again took the lead through Tovar, towing Wilfredo Giménez with his hit, in circulation by the same method. At halftime, with 1 out on the board, Nivaldo Rodríguez (2.2) replaced Reyes on the mound.

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The reliever summoned by Yadier Molina got into a pitching game with Ramírez, who didn’t look bad but had to leave due to physical discomfort at the start of the fifth; after him came Alfred Gutiérrez, with work of 1 blank inning.

The pitchers continued their dominance from that point, with Ángel Acevedo (0.2), Alexandro Tovalin (1), Robert Zárate (0.1) and Anthony Vizcaya (2) for Magallanes; for Caracas, Miguel Socolovich (1), Ricardo Rodríguez (1), José Mujica (1), Silvino Bracho (1) and David Gutiérrez, this one the most seriously threatened by the ship’s cannons.

2Q== Silvino Bracho provided another important relay, he concludes this stage with an immaculate ERA, 0.00

In the high of 10 and after 2 outs, the Navigators loaded the bases, the stage was set for Moses Gomezbut this the breeze fanned, which was his fourth punch of a bitter night.

Z David Gutiérrez, precursor of the victory that appeased Magallanes in the 10th with three on bases

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Those who don’t do it, do it and this old axiom of the ball the Caraquistas applied at the end of that chapter, all in an unprecedented way, it was like that because Harold Castro hit his first home run of all of 2022/2023, a hit that sent the white ball over the wall in the central forest, in a shift that reflected what this game was, fought and on a 3-2 count, gave the Lions the 3-2 victory.

2Q== Harold Castro taking his first home run swing of the tournament

For the superutility of number 3, there were 131 shifts this season to go out on the street for the first time.

2Q== Castro came to the plate euphoric to score the winner

Jake Sánchez (0-2, 8.31) was the victim responsible for the disaster. David Gutiérrez won (1-0, 6.35).

Thus, Caracas assured to start the Final as home club, while the setback left Magallanes with no margin of error for the last day of this stage.

With a 7-8 record, their only chance to reach the Final is through an extra game, which will only be possible if they triumph over Laracombining with a defeat of La Guaira in view of Aragua.

Photos: Henry Delgado | Lions Press

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LVBP: Harold Castro applies power and Caracas leaves Magallanes in serious difficulties (+ Photos)