The Dodgers’ failed campaign to reach the World Series cost them money and trust. Now you have to pay the bill

ATLANTA – It was close to midnight on Saturday when Atlanta blew up. A sold-out crowd erupted. Fireworks sounded in the air. The players threw their caps and jumped through the playing field. The mascot entered the field, waving a huge red flag with the words “NATIONAL LEAGUE CHAMPIONS.” But, as the Dodgers left the … Read more

Dodgers: Albert Pujols gave a speech at the clubhouse to his teammates after being eliminated

The Los Angeles Dodgers won’t be able to defend their World Series crown this year at the Fall Classic and became the 20th team in a row on MLB in not being able to repeat the championship, and perhaps for a long time it is a failure after having built a true blunderbuss with the … Read more

Dodgers vs Braves, en vivo los Playoffs MLB 2021: Resultado del Juego 6 de la Serie de Campeonato de la postemporada de las Grandes Ligas

MLB Playoffs 2021 Live Estadsticas, mejores jugadas y marcador al momento Atlanta Braves vs Los Angeles Dodgers en vivo y en directo el partido de hoy. MARCA Claro 2 BAJA | Otro chocolate. Anderson se poncha en tres lanzamientos. 2 BAJA | Arnaud coloc la raya y Turner falla hacia la ruta en primera, Hay hit, … Read more

MORE bad news for the Dodgers! Your best pitcher won’t pitch Game 6

October 22, 2021 By Jesús Alain Fernández Definitely not escaping in Los Angeles Dodgers on bad news. The last arrival is related to the right pitcher Max scherzer and his appointment to open the crucial life and death game of the next day. It has emerged in the last few minutes that the right-hander, winner … Read more

MLB Playoffs: How Pujols Earned The Nickname ‘Uncle Albert’ At The Dodgers

There is no doubt that although the Dominican Albert Pujols is no longer the same superstar and feared player of yesteryear, his presence in the dugout of the Los Angeles Dodgers It is very important from the mental and chemistry point of view of the team, due to all the intangibles that it provides, from … Read more

Dodgers breathe as they beat Braves in Game 5 of the NL Championship Series

Among the many motivational phrases that exist in sports, there is one that for the Braves has become a conviction verdict: “One more to go” or in Spanish “let’s go for one more” is easy to read, but difficult to execute for the Atlanta organization once again plunged into its greatest of all fears: lose … Read more

Dodgers: Turner’s injury likely ends his year

LOS ANGELES – His hamstring injured and his season likely over, Justin turner He approached 25 feet from first base and tried to stop. He accelerated backward, limping at first before slowing down enough to turn the limping into a limp. Slowly and painfully, he made his way back to the Los Angeles Dodgers dugout, … Read more