MLB: Will Omar Vizquel be able to go to the Hall of Fame with the vote of the Association of Journalists?

MLB Will Omar Vizquel be able to go to the

Next Tuesday the 24th it will be known if there is or one, new elected for the Hall of Fame of the Major Leagues; At this point, 171 ballots of the 396 estimated have been published, where for the moment, it is expected that the former sluggers Todd Helton and Scott Rolen will be invested … Read more

On Jackie Robinson Day, Orber Moreno is proud of the number 42

On Jackie Robinson Day Orber Moreno is proud of the

Harold Capote Fernandez April 15 is a very important date in the world of Major League Baseball, it is the day on which the immortal career of Jackie Robinson, the man who broke the racial barrier in major baseball during the 20th century, is honored year after year. . He used the number 42 throughout … Read more

MLB: Historic collapse of Omar Vizquel, no one had lost so many votes for Hall of Fame

MLB Historic collapse of Omar Vizquel no one had lost

The debate on whether Omar Vizquel is he or is not a player worthy ofThe Hall of Fame has always been divided among those who advocate for its longevity in MLB and his unparalleled defensive excellence as a sufficient argument, and among those who point to his deficiencies with the offense and his poor analytics … Read more