The stadium of the Miami Heat will have a new name after the collapse of the FTX

The Houston Texans become the first NFL team to sell

MIAMI, Fla. – The stadium where the Miami Heat play will soon have a new name, after the team and Miami-Dade County decided on Friday to end their relationship with FTX on the same day the cryptocurrency exchange filed for bankruptcy. The building had been called the FTX Arena since June 2021, and the 19-year, … Read more

MLB: Collapse of the Yankees would provoke a drastic decision regarding the future of an important executive

MLB Collapse of the Yankees would provoke a drastic decision

This Sunday, the yankees managed to avoid a painful sweep against the rays, a team that is currently fighting for the leadership of the East Division of the American League. However, this does not mean that the team is going through its worst moment so far in the tournament, with less than a month to … Read more

Subscriber crash: Netflix loses millions in the stock market

Subscriber crash Netflix loses millions in the stock market

The streaming giant Netflix lost more than a third of its stock market value, some 54,000 million dollars, on Wednesday after revealing that its subscribers fell for the first time in a decade, sowing doubts about its future and that of its rivals. At the close of the session on Wall Street, Netflix plummeted 35% … Read more

How to explain the collapse of the Colts this season? – Extra point

How to explain the collapse of the Colts this season

By Eugenia Ruiz @EugeniaR_ With certainty, we can say that one of the biggest surprises (and disappointments) of this last day of the regular season was the loss of the Indianapolis Colts against the Jacksonville Jaguars. A team that entered this Sunday with a record of 2-14 not only beat the Colts, but they did … Read more

A player from Denmark told why they made a human shield after the collapse of Eriksen

A player from Denmark told why they made a human

The moment when the Denmark players protected Eriksen from the cameras (Reuetrs) One of the moments that was etched in the memory of fans in 2021 was eThe heart attack suffered by the Danish footballer Christian eriksen in a duel between his selected and Finland for the first day of the Eurocup. While the former … Read more

Suspended the match Al Rayyan vs. Al Wakrah for the crash of a player

Suspended the match Al Rayyan vs Al Wakrah for the

To the Rayyan He was leading 1-0 40 minutes into the first half against Al Wakrah when a player from the rival team collapsed inside his own arc convulsing, which caused that 15 minutes later he was removed by ambulance from the field of play causing the suspension of the game. party, whose new schedule … Read more

MLB: Historic collapse of Omar Vizquel, no one had lost so many votes for Hall of Fame

MLB Historic collapse of Omar Vizquel no one had lost

The debate on whether Omar Vizquel is he or is not a player worthy ofThe Hall of Fame has always been divided among those who advocate for its longevity in MLB and his unparalleled defensive excellence as a sufficient argument, and among those who point to his deficiencies with the offense and his poor analytics … Read more

Only an epic collapse would prevent the Cowboys from making the NFL playoffs

Only an epic collapse would prevent the Cowboys from making

The Dallas Cowboys have a three-game lead in the National Conference East Division lead. At this point in the season, beyond the midpoint of the extended 17-game schedule, it would take an epic collapse for Dallas to not claim the playoff spot. In fact, the classified system of the New York Times it lists Dallas … Read more

Celtics close ranks after collapse against Bulls

The Boston Celtics had a players-only meeting ahead of Wednesday’s 92-79 win in Orlando over the Magic, sources told ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski. The reunion came in the wake of Boston’s collapse in the fourth quarter on Monday against the Chicago Bulls, when Boston went from leading 14 early in the quarter to losing 14, and … Read more

Tingler wants to remain in command of Padres despite collapse

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SAN DIEGO – Jayce Tingler believes he deserves to remain manager of the San Diego Padres, despite the biggest collapse in franchise history. It’s not his decision, of course, and as of Monday night no official announcement had been made about the manager’s fate by general manager AJ Preller, who hired his friend from the … Read more