MLB: Will Omar Vizquel be able to go to the Hall of Fame with the vote of the Association of Journalists?

MLB Will Omar Vizquel be able to go to the

Next Tuesday the 24th it will be known if there is or one, new elected for the Hall of Fame of the Major Leagues; At this point, 171 ballots of the 396 estimated have been published, where for the moment, it is expected that the former sluggers Todd Helton and Scott Rolen will be invested … Read more

MLB: Bob Abreu could take a boost to the Hall of Fame

MLB Bob Abreu could take a boost to the Hall

In the absence of 3 dates to conclude the 2022/2023 scrutiny process for the Hall of Fame171 ballots out of approximately 396 have been revealed, in this sense, we see that Bob Abreu will achieve his highest endorsement percentage since his eternity option was enabled in 2020. Also read: MLB: Will Omar Vizquel be able … Read more

MLB: How affected were Miguel Cabrera’s numbers in Los Tigres park?

MLB How affected were Miguel Cabreras numbers in Los Tigres

A few days ago the Detroit Tigers they announced their decision to shorten the distances from their pitch at Comerica Park; Miguel Cabrera spoke about this on his Instagram account, jokingly pointing out his desire to play for a few more years. The situation also brought to mind what was the 2000 season of slugger … Read more

MLB: Three Venezuelans appear in the top 5 of players with the most hits since 2010

MLB Three Venezuelans appear in the top 5 of players

Venezuela says present With up to three representatives in an important top hitters since 2010, the criollos occupy the number 1, 3 and 4 positions of the aforementioned list in which a current superstar of the batsmen also appears. los angeles dodgers. Also read: Miguel Cabrera reacts positively to the reforms made at Comerica Park … Read more

MLB: Franklin Barreto will try to return to the Major Leagues with this team

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The 2020 season was the last time Franklin Barreto played in a Major League game. Looking ahead to next year, the Venezuelan infielder reached a minor league agreement with the washington nationalsas reported this Thursday by the renowned journalist, Jon Heyman. Also read: MLB: This is the new report on Willson Contreras, the Cardinals and … Read more

MLB: Statcast and explanation of Gleyber Torres’ mistake against the Astros (+Video)

Bill Russells 6 will retire from the entire NBA

During the seventh inning of game four in the American League Championship Series, Gleyber Torres Unfortunately, he made a mistake that opened a gap that the Houston Astros took the opportunity to complete the sweep over the New York Yankees. Also read: MLB: Phillies vs. Astros, how is the lifetime series going between these casts? … Read more

MLB: These are the Venezuelans who will play the Divisional Series in the Postseason

No injuries Ravens will fight again for the division title

During the weekend the Wild Card Series was played and we met the qualifiers to the next instance of these vibrant 2022 season playoffs. The next step is the Divisional Series, which is set up both in the American and National Leagues and where there will be a Venezuelan presence. The Cleveland Guardians, Seattle Mariners, … Read more

MLB: These Venezuelans enter the race for the new Major League award

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Frederlin Castro Luis Guillorme has said that winning a Gold Glove is the prize he most wants to achieve in his career on a personal level.and now the Mets player may have a chance to get it this year. Venezuelans aim high Rawlings announced Tuesday that this year he will add recognition to utility players … Read more

MLB: Wladimir Sutil, the dream of reaching the Major Leagues

HISTORICAL DATE for Cesar Prieto UNSTOPPABLE Colorado PROSPECT Summary Minor

Harold Capote Fernandez Wladimir Sutil realized his dream inside an Albuquerque batting cage before Sugar Land (AAA) took on the Isotopes. His cell phone rang during a pregame batting practice session. He saw Pete Putila’s name and answered. “He asked me if I had a second. I told him: ‘I’m working, but you called me,’” … Read more