La Novena: From modern times, a not-so-crazy ‘Caballo Loco’ and Bad Bunny in Houston

Bill Russells 6 will retire from the entire NBA

1. BASEBALL It is probably, and this is just to not be absolute, the most conservative discipline of the five big professional sports in the United States (football, basketball, boxing and ice hockey). It is no coincidence that baseball and youth do not fully share, or at least, in the hierarchy of tastes, what was … Read more

La Novena: Of challenges in social networks, cinema… and without Correa there is paradise

Change of plans Braves activate Ronald Acuna Jr

1. WHILE The Mets, Yankees, Los Angeles Angels and Minnesota Twins have hogged the spotlight so far in the 2022 campaign, the Houston Astros have gone under the radar and, without much fuss, remain at the top of the food chain. Despite the regrets, and the fact that many fans still boo them for the … Read more

La Novena: Of insulted Dominicans, cabal and expensive watches


1. THE DEBATE ON the AL Most Valuable Player award never stops fueling passions. Do youShohei ohtani or Vladimir Guerrero Jr.? Right now, defining who will win seems more complicated than it was to determine the president of the United States in the 2020 elections or to designate the two teams that will win the … Read more

La Novena: Of doubtful behaviors, green guavas and outs dressed as players

1. LET’S BE FAIR: Being a sports professional is not as simple as it seems. Yes, I know they make millions, but other human activities are also very well paid and they don’t have to deal with thousands of people yelling in your ear about the human and the divine. Let’s do a simple exercise. … Read more

La Novena: Of fan stuff, Ohtani’s exploits and terrible baddies

1. THE FANS Sports are a rare, complicated breed. Contrary to all logic, they enjoy the defeats of their staunch rivals more than their own victories. I don’t want to be absolute, but it happens more often than you can imagine. Two colleagues, who for obvious reasons I am not going to leave their names … Read more

La Novena: Yes from Ohtani to the HR Derby put in evidence the rest of the mortals

La Novena Yes from Ohtani to the HR Derby put

1. NO LONGER NEWS, what could be the most mediatic Home Run Derby in history was ruined. It seemed possible to reunite Pete alonso, the defending champion of the event, and four of the players vying for the throne of the best player in the Majors – a condition that still holds Mike trout-, and … Read more

La Novena: Of panties on display, simple solutions and non-punishable errors

La Novena Of panties on display simple solutions and non punishable

1. Doubt about my gifts As a cartomantic, if he had some talent he were not writing these lines, he would be enjoying the winnings of having hit the lottery several times. However, I will venture to make a bold premonition: MLB will get out of hand to review pitchers to avoid the use of … Read more