Derek Jeter was inducted into the Hall of Fame amidst the gazes of his famous nephew and Michael Jordan

Derek Jeter during his Cooperstown enthronement speech.

Photo: Jim McIsaac / Getty Images

Derek Jeter was exalted to Cooperstown Hall of Fame this Wednesday. One of the greatest players in the history of baseball and the New York Yankees can already be considered an immortal. And he did it in a big way: accompanied by Michael Jordan, and next to his nephew, who became famous online the day the shortstop said goodbye to Yankee Stadium.

In the second row of guests, Michael Jordan, a great friend of Jeter, made an appearance. He was accompanied by another great player in the sport of heights, Patrick Ewing, hero in New York.

The Derek Jeter’s nephew, who became famous in the networks after removing his cap at the farewell to the historic shortstop at Yankee Stadium, also reappeared for this memorable day. Four years of difference between the photos, same feeling. I respect.

During his Hall of Fame speech, Derek Jeter he thanked all the journalists … except one: just the one who did not vote for him to be inducted to Cooperstown. Score him another hit.

I had only one goal in my career: to win more than the rest … and we did itJeter confessed during his speech. He also reflected on the game, advising active players as well as younger ones that he has a dream like the one he had:

This sport requires sacrifice, dedication, discipline and concentration. We understand that none of us is bigger than the game. Take care of and respect the fans. Remember what I told you at the beginning: it’s more than a gameJeter concluded, with a lot of character as we are used to, without shedding a tear.

The Yankees players stopped their pregame warm-up to hear their hero’s long-awaited speech as he officially entered the hall of immortals.

Jeter He entered the Olympus of the immortals with special numbers: 3,465 hits, 1,923 runs scored, and an average of .310. He was a 14-time All-Star, five-time Golden Glove, Rookie of the Year and also won five championship rings.

A legend.