La Novena: From modern times, a not-so-crazy ‘Caballo Loco’ and Bad Bunny in Houston

1. BASEBALL It is probably, and this is just to not be absolute, the most conservative discipline of the five big professional sports in the United States (football, basketball, boxing and ice hockey). It is no coincidence that baseball and youth do not fully share, or at least, in the hierarchy of tastes, what was once the favorite pastime of Americans, has long since ceased to be. One of the great reasons for this loss of status can be attributed to the stubbornness of “keeping everything as usual”. Archaic position that prevails and whose commandments belong to the last century. So much so, that the league itself has had to create audiovisuals to order (implore) tolerance to the ways and forms of today.

2. BUT MLB IS OVER to take a firm step to gain ground in the preference of the fans. The announced rule changes that will take effect from next season (2023) will annoy baseball purists, but as long as they do not corrupt the essence of the game, as in this case, they are welcome. Everything in life is a matter of adaptation. Saving the distances, the theme of the Puritans of baseball is similar to the boxing career of Guillermo Rigondeaux. There were many of us who recommended that he abandon the excessive elusive style and provide a show, advice that he did not listen to. It got to the point where no one, or only very few – including boxing purists – were the only ones capable of triggering the soporific combats of the ‘Jackal’. I hope MLB doesn’t fall into the same trap and Puritans understand that you can’t play ball in the third decade of the 21st century like you did in 1970.

3. WITH 55 HOME RUNSseven shy of surpassing Roger Maris’ franchise and American League record (61), and multiple offensive leaders, it’s no wonder everyone in the New York Yankees’ clubhouse is clear on what the team’s owners should do. once the 30-year-old slugger, Aaron Judge, hit free agency for the first time in his career at the end of this season. The last, at least visibly, to do so was the utility Gleyber Torres. The 25-year-old Venezuelan didn’t say a word, but he didn’t have to. With his gesture, the message came through loud and clear. At least the team’s front office seems on the same page with Torres: “We know what he’s worth and what he means,” team president Randy Levine said on “The Show” podcast. “I don’t know what’s on his mind. All we can do is show him how much we’d like him to stay a Yankee.”

4. YOU CAN BE agree or disagree with Starling Mars, his opinion is respected, and the fact of expressing it despite knowing that a mountain of criticism is going to fall on him, speaks very well of the personality of the Dominican player of the New York Yankees. To summarize, in the Major League Baseball ‘Call to the Bullpen’ podcast, the 33-year-old outfielder with 11 years of experience in MLB said “I’m going to tell you the truth. Representing your country is the best thing and you want to give everything to win, but sister, winning a World Series is something that everyone longs for, it’s something that everyone longs for. In the Major Leagues, where there are 30 teams, hey, it’s difficult to win a World Series, it’s difficult. The truth is that I choose the World Series.” His sincerity is admirable, but below I leave you with a montage that José ‘La Melaza’ Reyes, a former Mets player, posted on his Instagram profile to obviously respond to his compatriot. And in this case, he left it to you, kind reader, to draw your own conclusions.

5. A 09/09/09I mean, on a day like today 13 years ago, Derek Jeter tied the New York Yankees franchise record for hits held by the legendary Lou Gehrig. I don’t know if anyone played combination nines that day, but what is certain is that Jeter had his 2,721st hit in the seventh inning against the Tampa Bay Rays. Two days later, on September 11, the star shortstop became the Yankee with the most hits in history with 2,721, a feat he accomplished in the old Yankee Stadium against the division rival Baltimore Orioles. Finally, Captaintook the team record to 3,465 hits.

6. REFLECTION OF THE WEEK: If it weren’t for his wayward character, Yasiel Puig would be playing in the Major Leagues. But the Cuban baseball player went to the Far East to, in a way, “re-educate” himself and wait for an opportunity to return to the Major Leagues. While it took some work for him to adjust to the KBO, the 31-year-old has found peace and enough motivation to take the league by storm with his club Kiwoon Heroes. After seeing his 37-game on-base streak snapped, Puig recounted his best month of the season and revealed what the extra boost might be that surely already has MLB teams thinking about whether a reeducated Puig deserves a second chance. The Cuban, a deep admirer of the recently deceased narrator Vin Scully and who several times declared that he loved him like a very close relative, wrote on his Instagram account: “And yes, all this happened just after losing Vin. I don’t think either let it be a coincidence.”

7. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED experience what it feels like when you receive the news that you are going up to the Big Top, this video captures part of the situation. This is how the 21-year-old gardener received the news Corbin Carrollof the Arizona Diamondbacks. Simply impressive… touching.

8. BAD BUNNY you can want all the selfies you want. He has earned it with his music, well…, that thing he calls music. To whom God gave it, Saint Peter bless him. What if he can’t bless himself is how Houston’s Minute Maid Park turned out after the Puerto Rican made thousands of unbridled souls move their skeletons during successive concerts on September 1 and 2. The owners of the facility must have made a pretty penny. But what’s troubling about this story is that the Houston Astros’ home field became a Bad Bunny song.

9. IN THE MIDDLE OF A internal conflict in the Association of Professional Cuban Baseball Players (ACPBP), the Cuban Baseball Federation (FCB) took the opportunity to formalize the appointment of Armando Johnson as manager of the Cuba team for the 2023 World Baseball Classic. “Johnson has a long and fruitful career as a mentor in the national series and with the Cuba team in minor categories. His most recent achievement was the silver medal in the U-23 Pan-American contest held in Aguascalientes, Mexico, last June,” read the FCB press release. Johnson will have the unpleasant responsibility of managing the only team in the competition that won’t call up most of its best players. However, during the week it transpired that the FCB contacted the player Yasmany Tomás, who played for the Arizona Diamondbacks and Washington Nationals, to ask about his willingness to play. In the interview granted to the specialized site Swing CompleteTomás said that he would play for Cuba as long as they did not talk to him about politics and they did not force him to repatriate.

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La Novena: From modern times, a not-so-crazy ‘Caballo Loco’ and Bad Bunny in Houston