To cry Yankees: Ex-Yankee Andrew Heaney shone again with the Dodgers and is still immaculate

To cry Yankees Ex Yankee Andrew Heaney shone again with the

The left-hander of the Los Angeles Dodgers, Andrew Heaney shone again in the 2022 Major Leagues – MLB season and without a doubt it must be something that the New York Yankees may be regretting. Andrew Heaneywho was released days before the Wild Card game between the yankees of New York and Boston Red Sox … Read more

Cristiano Ronaldo fell to the grass and Rodrigo De Paul allegedly told him “I didn’t touch you, don’t cry”

Cristiano Ronaldo fell to the grass and Rodrigo De Paul

The cross between the Lusitanian and the Argentine went viral on social networks, since nobody expected the response of the Atlétido de Madrid player The Argentine soccer player, Rodrigo de Paul, was one of the best players of Atlético de Madrid in the second leg of the Round of 16 against Manchester United. The midfielder … Read more

Monterrey and its failed romance with the ‘Basque’: The rich also cry

Monterrey and its failed romance with the Basque The rich

On several occasions, Javier Aguirre He assured that if he returned to Mexico he would do so in the final part of his career and to occupy a position as executive. Now you can enjoy LaLiga on ESPN+ and ESPN Deportes, where you can watch all the matches LIVE. subscribe here However, an allegeddraft” in … Read more

The evaluation of Mexico as the venue for the 2026 World Cup is not related to homophobic cry

The problem and the penalties generated by the shout to the Mexican National Team will not be taken into account to determine the venues. The problems and fines that have caused the homophobic scream that is heard in the stadiums of Mexico, is not related to the evaluation of venues for the 2026 World Cup, … Read more

Cruz Azul launches campaign to eradicate homophobic cry: “Let’s respect more”, they ask

Cruz Azul started a campaign with the message “Let’s respect more”, which seeks to eradicate the discriminatory cry in stadiums MEXICO — Blue Cross began a campaign to eradicate the homophobic cry from the stands of the Azteca Stadium, since the Disciplinary Commission decided to punish the capital’s team with a veto match after what … Read more

Homophobic cry, the conflict between Mexico and FIFA that endangers the qualification to Qatar 2022

Mexico has been in the sights of FIFA for more than six years due to the homophobic cry, and after fines, punishments and vetoes, new sanctions are approaching such as points subtraction or disqualification In 2017, Mexico managed to evade FIFA fines for homophobic screaming thanks to a ruling by the CAS (Court of Arbitration … Read more

Koeman-Nico, who loves you well, will make you cry


We Barcelona fans know that the toll for newcomers is that they are inexperienced, but we are willing to go through this trance. Nico González, during the Barça-Levante Pep Morata (MD) 10/06/2021 09:05Updated 10/06/2021 12:14 PM Nico Gonzalez he will have to be grateful, all his life, that without being the undisputed starter at Barça … Read more

Cristiano Ronaldo: what does it mean and what is the origin of his goal cry


Cristiano Ronaldo He is one of the greatest icons of modern football and with him his characteristic way of celebrating a goal. And it is that every time the Portuguese scores a point, he celebrates singing a curious word that has become popular all over the world. It’s about the scream ‘SIUUU‘which you’ve probably heard … Read more