Monterrey and its failed romance with the ‘Basque’: The rich also cry

On several occasions, Javier Aguirre He assured that if he returned to Mexico he would do so in the final part of his career and to occupy a position as executive.

However, an allegeddraft” in Monterrey, and above all a contract impossible to refuse – it was highest paid technician of Liga MX—caused the ‘Vasco’ to swallow his words and the coach ended almost two decades abroad to return to national football.

In just over a year Aguirre failed to get an economically powerful team to play well or have its stampexcept for some flashes such as the goals against Cruz Azul both in Concacaf and in the Repechage of the previous tournament.

Rare in such a character frontal like Javier, who is also used to fighting against the current with teams that seek to avoid relegation like his previous experience with Leganés, but in Monterrey he often hid behind pretexts to justify the poor performance of the set.

The excessive party load —real, but for several clubs—, to have a squad “short” (so he said) or that it was not new failure in a Club World Cup, were some of the ‘jewels‘ that the always colorful coach threw himself.

Rayados has had in the last four years technicians of the stature of Diego Alonso, Antonio Mohammed (in two stages) and the most recent, Javier Aguirre, and these three have in common that they gave him Titles to the team, but after achieving glory there was a slump and they were fired, so the vaunted “draft” She fell apart.

Board of directors and fans have agreed that Rayados’ evil is a man and not those who have chosen the footballers or the footballers themselveswho live in a paradise where the requirement is from medium to belowwith everything and that they earn salaries exorbitant and train in first world facilities.

You can’t talk about missing quality to the squad with the multiple millionaire contracts that tournament after tournament carries out; however, players are expected to deliver results immediately or else the coach is flagged as a be unable that has not known how to get juice out of the powerful raw material with which it counts.

Here the question is, what about the call sports intelligence to which they only give the accounts for run to Mohamed and then take it back? And not to mention that with Victor Manuel Vucetich they will do the same.

They complained that with Aguirre the team did not play well… what do they expect now with the call ‘king midas‘, which emulates Guardiola’s Barca when said coach has never been characterized by betting on football offensive neither spectacular?

Apparently on this team richwhich incidentally has a directive kidnapped and dead of afraid for their baristasthere are many shared responsibilities and Aguirre is not the only one to blame for the ridiculous in the Club World Cup and in this campaign.

Already colder in a few days, the ‘Vasco’ will certainly examine his conscience and admit that failed miserably on his return to Mexican soccer, well, there is no doubt about that, just as this major stumble does not erase the incomparable career of Xavier.

Excuse me – and this includes some radio commentators who called ‘fools‘ to the coach—, but Javier Aguirre is still the most outstanding in the history of Mexican soccer, it still costs many understand it.

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Monterrey and its failed romance with the ‘Basque’: The rich also cry