Oribe Peralta: It didn’t hurt me not to have retired with Santos

Oribe Peralta It didnt hurt me not to have retired

The former striker stated that inactivity at Chivas was not a reason for his professional retirement and that Santos will always be special, even if he has not had the opportunity to retire at the club Oribe Peralta has publicly expressed his love for Santos Laguna, a team with which he had two stages during … Read more

Red Sox: Why Boston Reporter Didn’t Vote for David Ortiz for Hall of Fame

Red Sox Why Boston Reporter Didnt Vote for David Ortiz

Every time we are close to knowing who will be the members of the Generation 2022 of the Hall of Fame of the MLB and one of the candidates is David ortiz. The former slugger has a good amount of points in his favor, but there are pjournalists like Dan Shaughnessy who did not vote … Read more

MLB: Why didn’t Josh Bell hit as many HRs in his Washington Nationals debut?

MLB Why didnt Josh Bell hit as many HRs in

The only alarming aspect of the batted ball profile of Josh bell that carried over from 2020 was a spike in ground balls. While he had only put 44% of his batted balls on the ground in his 2019 peak season, that shot up to 55.7% in 2020 and was down to 53.5% this year … Read more

Why didn’t Aj Styles and Omos fight on WWE Raw? – Planet Wrestling

Why didnt Aj Styles and Omos fight on WWE Raw

During the last week it had been announced that this very night on the WWE Raw Red Mark program there was going to be a very intense match between two former teammates in pairs. So much so that it was the biggest attraction. WWE news they addressed Omos’ debut individually. Reason for Omos absence Omos … Read more

“I LASTED too long, I DIDN’T play anymore and I TAKEN my family,” CONFESSED Alexeis Bell

I LASTED too long I DIDNT play anymore and I

By Migue Guerra On the night of April 2, the Complete Swing Show, star space of our YouTube channel, which airs Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 8:30 pm, Cuban time, had as a special guest the stellar gardener from Santiago Alexeis Bell Quintero, one of the most complete players who has gone through the National … Read more

Xavi: “We were lucky and Villarreal didn’t deserve to lose”

Xavi We were lucky and Villarreal didnt deserve to lose

BARCELONA – Xavi Hernández was as sincere as he was shocking at the end of the game. Few times a coach, after a victory, and even more so necessary as this one from Barcelona, ​​Villarreal, would appear in front of a microphone recognizing that the victory was not entirely fair. “We have suffered and we … Read more

MLB: Ten Rookie of the Year winners who didn’t become stars

Take a look at the winners of the Rookie of the Year Award in every league dating back to when the first honor was bestowed upon Jackie Robinson in 1947, and you’ll notice there are some seemingly surprising names on the list – players you forgot about or never knew about in the first place. … Read more

MLB: Didn’t win World Series but Zack Greinke gets this best ‘award’

Houston Astros could not with the mission to beat the Atlanta Braves in the World Series of the 2021 Season of MLB, but this does not mean that the players had other and better recognitions. Such is the case of Zack Greinke, who became a dad for the third time a few days ago. Zack … Read more

They didn’t laugh last

By the third round of the Basketball Champions League, Bruno Fitipaldo’s Lenovo Tenerife fell in a direct duel against MHP Riesen Ludwigsburg and lost undefeated in the continental competition. The duel at the MHP Arena in Luisburgo had the Uruguayan from the start, but both he and his teammates were imprecise with the shots and … Read more