Homophobic cry, the conflict between Mexico and FIFA that endangers the qualification to Qatar 2022

Mexico has been in the sights of FIFA for more than six years due to the homophobic cry, and after fines, punishments and vetoes, new sanctions are approaching such as points subtraction or disqualification

In 2017, Mexico managed to evade FIFA fines for homophobic screaming thanks to a ruling by the CAS (Court of Arbitration for Sport), accompanied by a warning: “in the event that similar conduct is repeated in the future, more severe penalties should be imposed on the FMF“That was the zenith of a dispute that continues after six years and has resulted in fines of more than 13 million pesos.

The “cursed cry”, as some call it, has provoked the FMF fines that together already exceed 13 million pesos, in addition to threatening to reduce points to Mexico on the qualifying round to Qatar 2022, in case the behavior of the fans prevails and after the veto sanctions for the Azteca stadium.

The first fine It was reported in 2015 and in 2017 a lawsuit was won in the TAS for the same situation. At that time, the Court of Arbitration for Sport advised: “Even if those expressions and words were not used with the intention of discriminating and offending any of the players to whom they were addressed, they may be considered discriminatory or offensive on their own. nature and therefore should not be tolerated in football stadiums. “

In Russia 2018, the FIFA announced that it could reduce points to Mexico in case of hearing the homophobic scream during their games and again targeted the Mexican team in 2020, after the Concacaf Pre-Olympic was repeatedly heard the discriminatory roar against goalkeepers.

The behavior of the fans that was reported in the Pre-Olympic held in Jalisco, the place that is awarded the creation of the embarrassing scream, carried two veto matches for the Tricolor, in the qualifying round to Qatar 2022, although in the end it was only reduced to one and it was paid in the game against Jamaica.

The situation was repeated in the games against Canada and Honduras, played at the Azteca stadium, and despite the fact that the protocol was applied, Mexico he was sanctioned with two more veto games. The new punishment will be appealed by the Mexican Soccer Federation.

The next step, after the veto, is to subtract points from the country, in this case from Mexico, in the competition in which the behavior is repeated or disqualify it, as a last resort, in case the discriminatory action prevails, which would alienate Mexico of Qatar 2022.

“I know the Mexican Soccer Federation, with its president and the teams, they work to eradicate these idiotic, discriminatory customs in the stadiums, we have to go, get angry, celebrate, but we don’t have to insult. This is not OK. All those who do not want to see, all those who want to live in the time of the stones, stay out of the stadiums “, said Gianni Infantino, president of the FIFA, at the question of ESPN Digital.


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Homophobic cry, the conflict between Mexico and FIFA that endangers the qualification to Qatar 2022