Stables and basketball court: Search house related to Mauricio Toledo

Stables and basketball court Search house related to Mauricio Toledo

The Attorney General of Mexico City reported that his Agents conducted a search of a home allegedly related to Mauricio Toledo, former mayor of Coyoacán, and his brother Nelson Francisco, also a former public servant. This after linking them for the alleged crime of illicit enrichment. According to the Prosecutor’s Office, the property has three … Read more

John Cena criticized for a tweet related to Russia and Ukraine

John Cena criticized for a tweet related to Russia and

The legendary John Cena is receiving quite a bit of criticism from the fans of the Company of Vince McMahon and the media, since he published a certainly controversial message on his Twitter profile. Cena chose a bad time to promote his series ‘Peacemaker’ At the moment, Russia is in a serious military conflict with … Read more

The evaluation of Mexico as the venue for the 2026 World Cup is not related to homophobic cry

The problem and the penalties generated by the shout to the Mexican National Team will not be taken into account to determine the venues. The problems and fines that have caused the homophobic scream that is heard in the stadiums of Mexico, is not related to the evaluation of venues for the 2026 World Cup, … Read more

Pedro Feliciano’s family certifies that his death was related to the cardiac diagnosis he suffered

Vega Alta. The body of the late New York Mets pitcher, Pedro Feliciano, He was this Monday afternoon in the burning chapel before family, friends and the baseball circle to which the star left-hander who died a week ago of a heart attack belonged. His 19-year-old son, Yoskar Feliciano Matta, served as the spokesperson for … Read more

WWE registers two new trademarks related to Raw and SmackDown

raw smackdown logos

WWE registers two trademarks related to the Raw and SmackDown shows. Every so often, WWE registers new trademarks for all kinds of fields. The most popular are related to new names for the superstars of the company, or certain phrases or slogans they use for merchandising, such as “Big Time Becks”, by Becky Lynch. On … Read more

Ajax, Seattle and foreign teams that are related to Liga MX clubs

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We review the Mexican soccer teams that are related to foreign football institutions The Liga MX teams have agreements with clubs in Europe, Central America and the United States, which help them grow commercially and in sport. Examples include Ajax of the Netherlands that has an official agreement with Pachuca or Santos that has approached … Read more

Jeff Hardy becomes a trend after being related to the WWE Championship 24/7 on Raw

RESEM101390jeff hardy

Sebastian Martinez Sep 07, 2021 at 15:26 At last episode of Monday Night Raw occurred a 24/7 WWE Championship match between Akira Tozawa and Reginald. The champion managed to retain the strap and slip away from other opponents who appeared in search of the title, including Jeff Hardy. At the end of the fight, Humberto … Read more