Luka Doncic, the one who sings not to cry

the slovenian Luka Doncićbase of the Dallas Maverickstold this Friday an anecdote about how do you stay calm when you are annoyed by the referee’s decisions and explained that sing one of your favorite Serbian songs in your mind.

“It’s fun, I sing a song in my head, one of my favorites,” Doncic said at the press conference after the 111-101 loss at the Philadelphia 76ers.

The Slovenian, a former Real Madrid player, did not have his best night and did not exceed 17 points, but he was serene at a press conference and featured a bit of self-irony as usual. “I’m sure I sing better in my head than in reality,” she joked. “It’s hard to keep quiet on some nights, but you have to learn from that. Even if you’ve made mistakes, you have to move on and think about the next game,” he acknowledged.

The Dallas Mavericks interrupted their three-game winning streak against the Sixers and finished fifth in the Western Conference (43-27).

Friday’s results

Philadelphia 76ers-Dallas Mavericks 111-101
NY Knicks-Washington Wizards 100-97
Toronto Raptors – LA Lakers 123-128 (overtime)
Atlanta Hawks-Memphis Grizzlies 120-105
Brooklyn Nets-Portland Trail Blazers 128-123
Cleveland Cavaliers-Denver Nuggets 119-116
Miami Heat-Oklahoma City Thunder 120-108
Houston Rockets-Indiana Pacers 118-121
San Antonio Spurs – New Orleans Pelicans 91-124
Utah Jazz-LA Clippers 121-92
Sacramento Kings-Boston Celtics 97-126
Phoenix Suns – Chicago Bulls 129-102

Top ten plays of the night

And the best dunks…

The positions in the NBA

Eastern Conference

.1. Miami Heat (47-24)
.two. Milwaukee Bucks (44-26)
.3. Philadelphia 76ers (43-26)
.4. Boston Celtics (43-28)
.5. Bulls (41-29)
.6. Cleveland Cavaliers (40-30)
.7. Toronto Raptors (39-31)
.8. Brooklyn Nets (37-34)
.9. Atlanta Hawks (35-35)
10. Charlotte Hornets (35-35)
11. New York Knicks (30-40)
12. Washington Wizards (29-40)
13. Indiana Pacers (24-47)
14.Detroit Pistons (19-51)
15. Orlando Magic (18-53)

Western Conference

.1. Phoenix Suns (57-14)
.two. Memphis Grizzlies (48-23)
.3. Golden State Warriors (47-23)
.4. Utah Jazz (44-26)
.5. Dallas Mavericks (43-27)
.6. Denver Nuggets (42-29)
.7. Minnesota Timberwolves (41-30)
.8. Los Angeles Clippers (36-37)
.9. Los Angeles Lakers (30-40)
10. New Orleans Pelicans (29-41)
11. San Antonio Spurs (27-44)
12. Portland Trail Blazers (26-43)
13. Sacramento Kings (25-47)
14. Oklahoma City Thunder (20-50)
15. Houston Rockets (17-53).

This Saturday’s program

Minnesota Timberwolves – Milwaukee Bucks
Charlotte Hornets-Dallas Mavericks
Cleveland Cavaliers – Detroit Pistons
​Washington Wizards-Los Angeles Lakers.

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Luka Doncic, the one who sings not to cry