4 points to understand the conflict between Derek Carr, Davante Adams and the Raiders in the NFL

4 points to understand the conflict between Derek Carr Davante

Things in the NFL are getting ant-colored and we are not talking specifically about the postseason, but about the theme of the Raiders, Derek Carr and Davante Adams. What seemed like a dream story, ended up being a real nightmare because they are involved in an internal problem, almost almost a Marvel-style Civil War. Peeeeero, … Read more

Ecuador’s basketball, again in conflict; Federation does not recognize parallel professional tournament | Columnists | Sports

Ecuadors basketball again in conflict Federation does not recognize parallel

Ecuador’s basketball is one of the few sports that, so far, does not have a professional league. In the international concert, the basket of our country is located in position 128, among 164 nations. And in the South American ranking, the tricolor basketball placed in the ninth position, penultimate, only above Peru. In the first … Read more

Final of Champions in Russia in suspense due to conflict in Ukraine

Final of Champions in Russia in suspense due to conflict

UEFA is weighing a possible change of venue due to the crisis, ensuring that it is “constantly monitoring the situation The British government led calls to remove Russia the Final of the Champions League as punishment for his intervention in Ukrainea crisis that has caused the UEFA consider a change of venue. The Final of … Read more

Discord and encounters in the conflict between MLB and the Association

Discord and encounters in the conflict between MLB and the

Guillermo Linares / @Guille94 This Thursday, February 10, the commissioner of Major League Baseball announced the agreement of the 30 owners of the teams of Big leagues regarding the implementation of the universal designated hitter (National League and American League) and the elimination of player draft compensation that had been in place since 1976. Also … Read more

The bosses’ strike in the Major Leagues: a conflict without a clear horizon

The bosses strike in the Major Leagues a conflict without

Guillermo Linares / @Guille94 The current conflict between Major League Baseball (MLB) and the Players Association It still has ball lovers in suspense. Last December 1, at 11:59 at night, the collective contract that allowed transactions, signing free agents, and other movements in an industry that is still paralyzed, with three formal meetings and the … Read more

Paulo Dybala’s defiant goal celebration in the midst of his conflict with Juventus

Paulo Dybalas defiant goal celebration in the midst of his

* Dybala’s defiant celebration in the Juventus match paulo dybala seems to have the hours numbered in Italian football and his gestures in the last game of Juventus They could give greater clarity to the scenario that has the Argentine as the protagonist. The victory 2-0 about Udinese, in which he jumped onto the field … Read more

Homophobic cry, the conflict between Mexico and FIFA that endangers the qualification to Qatar 2022

Mexico has been in the sights of FIFA for more than six years due to the homophobic cry, and after fines, punishments and vetoes, new sanctions are approaching such as points subtraction or disqualification In 2017, Mexico managed to evade FIFA fines for homophobic screaming thanks to a ruling by the CAS (Court of Arbitration … Read more

Dani Alves will no longer play for San Pablo: the origin of the conflict that led the leadership to end the player’s contract


After reaching the quarterfinals, Dani Alves will no longer defend the colors of Sao Paulo (Photo: REUTERS) The board of directors of Sao Paulo organized a press conference on Friday afternoon to report that Dani alves will not play for him anymore Tricolor. After participating in the triple date of South American qualifiers with the … Read more

James could no longer play with Colombia: more fuel for the fire in the conflict with Rueda

James could no longer play with Colombia more fuel for

James Rodriguez going through its worst moment in the Colombia selection. Gone are those days when the coffee flyer carried the team on his shoulder to get it out of an adverse situation. Due to the low level it has shown this year, according to DT Reinaldo Rueda, the crack of Everton He was not … Read more