How much money does the Chilean team lose for not qualifying for the Qatar 2022 World Cup? The reason why he could insist on taking Ecuador out of the World Cup event | Soccer | Sports

When a team qualifies for the World Cup, it not only guarantees being among the best, it also goes in search of a prize that, until now, it has not won in any cup event. And this is the case of Chile, seeking at full strength to reach Qatar 2022. Chile insists on being in … Read more

Historic sale of the Broncos and why the NFL is the best sports league in the world

The Denver team has new owners after investing the highest amount of money for a sports franchise; the reason is that the NFL is profitable The NFL continues to demonstrate why it is the best sports league in the world, as in recent days the sale of the Denver Broncos was announced for 4.7 billion … Read more

“Claw”: Adam Sandler shows all his talent in the good Netflix sports drama

Advance of “Claw”. (Netflix) Adam Sandler awakens unbridled love, fanaticism, but also annoyance. Her comedy cinema, the one she sells to Netflix for some years, that no one likes but everyone watches, it is always questioned. The man does his business, exploits his most criticized profile and from time to time stands out in a … Read more

The goals of the Argentine National Team vs. Estonia: Messi hat-trick – TyC Sports

La Scaloneta wins 3-0 against the Europeans in an international friendly. La Pulga, the author of the three goals in Pamplona. After the rout over Italy on the Finalissima at Wembley, the Argentine National Team defeat 2-0 to Estonia in an international friendly played at the Sadar Stadium, of … Read more

Student Sports League basketball and an epic victory in 1962 | Columnists | Sports

Long 60 years have passed since one of the most sensational victories in the history of our basketball. No one has remembered it because we are involved in the maelstrom of football and few journalists know or remember brilliant events from our sporting past. This occurs due to a lack of interest in research, or … Read more

Ecuador’s basketball, again in conflict; Federation does not recognize parallel professional tournament | Columnists | Sports

Ecuador’s basketball is one of the few sports that, so far, does not have a professional league. In the international concert, the basket of our country is located in position 128, among 164 nations. And in the South American ranking, the tricolor basketball placed in the ninth position, penultimate, only above Peru. In the first … Read more

Steelers’ Najee Harris weighs more than Jerome Bettis

Steelers’ Najee Harris weighs more than Jerome Bettis Besides watching videos with Bettis, Harris has taken something else from the Hall of Fame running back’s playbook. Harris currently weighs 244 pounds, about four pounds more than Harris said he weighed as a rookie. That’s a pound more than Bettis weighed when he arrived in Pittsburgh … Read more

According to Antena 2, from Colombia, FIFA will not punish the Ecuadorian team, but there would be a sanction for Byron Castillo | Soccer | Sports

In the coming days, FIFA will make public its decision on the lawsuit filed by the Chilean National Professional Football Association (ANFP) regarding an alleged alteration of data in Byron Castillo’s birth certificate to disqualify the Ecuadorian team from the World Cup of Qatar 2022, details the web portal antenna 2from Colombia. Judge Ronald Guerrero … Read more

Party at the Bombonera: Boca won and finished first in their group

It had to be like this to Boca, with a goal from Boca’s five, with a goal born of emotion, of sacrifice, of the fight, of the anguish, of the battle won in that place on the pitch by Battaglia himself. The classification, the unforgettable week, the 72nd star, the cupbearer’s dream, suddenly come together … Read more

Barcelona SC cannot beat Wanderers and says goodbye to the Copa Sudamericana early | Soccer | Sports

He started strongly and created goal situations from the first minute of the game but it was not enough. Barcelona SC tied goalless in their visit to Montevideo Wanderers, this Wednesday at the Centenario stadium, and did not get the score to displace Lanús from first place and thus get into the round of 16 … Read more