4 points to understand the conflict between Derek Carr, Davante Adams and the Raiders in the NFL

Things in the NFL are getting ant-colored and we are not talking specifically about the postseason, but about the theme of the Raiders, Derek Carr and Davante Adams.

What seemed like a dream story, ended up being a real nightmare because they are involved in an internal problem, almost almost a Marvel-style Civil War.

Peeeeero, let’s go in parts. The Raiders’ 2021 season ended with a last-minute playoff and hope that in 2022 better things would come.

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In the offseason they announced that Derek Carr would remain as the team’s starting quarterback Y they gave him a multi million dollar contractIn addition, they brought him the best receiver in the league… davante adams.

With a great team that had reached the playoffs a year before and the added value of Davante Adams, You’d think the Raiders would dominate the NFL, unfortunately they didn’t. and although the opposite did not happen, they are sunk in the mediocrity.

The Raiders’ problem with Derek Carr and Davante Adams explained in 4 points

1 – Bad start for the Raiders

With everything and a great team, the Raiders started the season in a terrible way. Three victories in the first three dates. When matchday 10 arrived they had a record of two wins and seven losses… a failure.

Having this record, it would be difficult to think of a postseason and that’s how it was, you will see the playoffs on TVthus the future of the Raiders.

Unfortunately for the Raiders, the Davante Adams-Derek Carr duo did not work as expectedalthough they did give good numbers, but they did not win games.

If the numbers weren’t bad, what about the raiders? Well, they only knew that internally.

Derek Carr with the Raiders
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2 – Everything got out of hand for Josh McDaniels

After the bad results, the season of failure, many internal problems and controversial decisions, everything got out of hand for Josh McDaniels, Raiders head coach.

The head coach really did not know how to keep the pressure of favoritism on his Raiders and by week 17 he took the controversial decision to sit Derek Carr on the bench.

A decision criticized by the press, by the team’s own players and by many fans, although Josh McDaniels is more concerned with what comes after the season than the hurricane he achieved.

There’s a lot to figure out once the season is over“, were the words of Josh McDanielsadvising that Derek Carr will not have an easy preseason.

Josh McDaniels, Raiders head coach
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3 – Derek Carr walks away from the Raiders for the remainder of the season

Faced with an incredible surprise and after learning that he would be a bench with his Raiders, he made the decision to leave the team, but It is not a tantrum or anything on the part of the QB.

Rather, a decision that seeks to help his colleagues, because according to Jeff Howeinsider of The Athletic, the QB seeks not to be a distraction for the team while on the bench.

And the Raiders gave him a leave of absence at the end of the season and obviously after that, the question is: Will he wear the Raiders jersey again or will he have a new team?

Derek Carr, Raiders QB
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4 – Davante Adams puts his continuity at stake for Derek Carr

If Davante Adams decided to go to the Raiders over another team, it was because of Derek Carr. Plus, He admitted that he is much better than Aaron Rodgers, his past QBThat is his opinion.

And after learning that Derek Carr would be a bank, Davante Adams’s plans changed and he did not hide his discontent after this decision by Josh McDaniels.

I’m not going to sit here and go on and on, but obviously I support my guy.. We have to end this season in the best possible way with all things considered at this point. Anything else you have, you can leave it for Coach or Derek.“, said the receiver.

I don’t think anyone was enthused about it here. I wouldn’t be here right now if he wasn’t here.. I think everyone knows how I feel about him“, he sentenced.

Davante Adams of the Raiders
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4 points to understand the conflict between Derek Carr, Davante Adams and the Raiders in the NFL