Dani Alves will no longer play for San Pablo: the origin of the conflict that led the leadership to end the player’s contract

After reaching the quarterfinals, Dani Alves will no longer defend the colors of Sao Paulo (Photo: REUTERS)

The board of directors of Sao Paulo organized a press conference on Friday afternoon to report that Dani alves will not play for him anymore Tricolor. After participating in the triple date of South American qualifiers with the Brazilian team, the footballer did not return to his team’s training sessions and the club informed the current technical director Hernán Crespo that he will no longer be able to count on the player in question.

The representatives affirmed that Alves will not appear again in Sao Paulo until the debt that the club has with him is paid, that they are around 11 million reais (about 2 million USD). Faced with the footballer’s attitude, the leadership was blunt and made the decision to end the defender’s contract. Although later the cause of the problem is canceled, the historical Brazilian footballer will no longer wear the shirt of the team that saw him born.

“Daniel Alves and Miranda were at the service of the Brazilian team and they should have shown up today to start training. Miranda attended, trained normally, but Daniel Alves did not attend “, communicated the football director Carlos Belmonte, in a video broadcast on the club’s official social networks. Next to him the superintendent could be seen Rui Costa and the coordinator Muricy ramalho.

Dani decided to prioritize being in the Olympic Games before staying in Sao Paulo (Photo: REUTERS)
Dani decided to prioritize being in the Olympic Games before staying in Sao Paulo (Photo: REUTERS)

Belmonte explained that Sao Paulo made a proposal to the player last week, “seeking an understanding and settlement of this debt”. The offer was not accepted by the athlete’s representatives, which meant the beginning of the conflict. The biggest loser of the situation is Crespo who will have to continue the season without his reference and captain. Justly Valdanito he was in charge of convincing the player to return to the right wing and that was where he regained his high level.

“The negotiation will continue to involve the legal department and the finance department. From the point of view of the football department, we made the decision and informed coach Hernán Crespo that Daniel Alves will no longer be available to play for São Paulo. It is always worth remembering that São Paulo is more important than all of us. We all work in favor of the institution “, concluded the director.

This new chapter adds to a long story of love and hate that the side and Sao Paulo went through in the last time. The player was criticized by the Tricolor fans when he left the team to play the Tokyo 2020 Olympics with the national team. By winning gold, he responded by saying that the club had failed him, while he had never done any harm to the colors he loves so much.