The NFL and its international plans

Colombia 0 0 Mexico asi fue la segunda salida en el

The NFL has been recognized in the professional sports industry as the most successful League in revenue and commercial impact. The NFL knows that, in order to continue growing at its expected rates, the international market is fundamental, and in recent years they have implemented strategies to achieve their objectives. In his conversation with SiS … Read more

Student Sports League basketball and an epic victory in 1962 | Columnists | Sports

Student Sports League basketball and an epic victory in 1962

Long 60 years have passed since one of the most sensational victories in the history of our basketball. No one has remembered it because we are involved in the maelstrom of football and few journalists know or remember brilliant events from our sporting past. This occurs due to a lack of interest in research, or … Read more

Ecuador’s basketball, again in conflict; Federation does not recognize parallel professional tournament | Columnists | Sports

Ecuadors basketball again in conflict Federation does not recognize parallel

Ecuador’s basketball is one of the few sports that, so far, does not have a professional league. In the international concert, the basket of our country is located in position 128, among 164 nations. And in the South American ranking, the tricolor basketball placed in the ninth position, penultimate, only above Peru. In the first … Read more

Jorge Barraza: Many illusions, little football | Columnists | sports

October 16, 2021 – 20h30 According Opta Sports, a British sports analysis company, the Colombia 0 – Ecuador 0 on Thursday lasted 109 minutes, but 44 minutes and 15 seconds of net time were played. In other words, 64 minutes and 45 seconds went to the basket, they were football garbage: discussions, groping, deliberate delays, … Read more

Ricardo Vasconcellos Rosado: Does Gustavo Alfaro want to see our idiotic faces? | Columnists | sports

October 16, 2021 – 8:00 p.m. The National Team has played twelve games in the qualifying rounds for Qatar 2022 and has used twelve different formations and in most of the games it has tried the strangest systems. All this undermines the stability of the team and causes distrust in footballers. The untimely summons of … Read more

Jorge Barraza: Neymar: What happened to this phenomenon? | Columnists | sports


“He’s a former player” … “He’s physically burned” … “He’s fat” … “He’s already an ultra-millionaire and he’s no longer interested in football” … “A partygoer” … “They inflated him” … “He spends fighting with rivals” … ” Exaggerate any blow ”…“ He’s a kid ”…“ Pure marketing“…” Live for the holidays, not for football … Read more

Ricardo Vasconcellos Rosado: Was Barcelona SC ‘wonderful’ against Flamengo for the Copa Libertadores? | Columnists | sports

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It was said by someone on a very popular radio show. It is, obviously, an exaggeration product of inexperience and having seen little football. Today’s young opinion-makers lack ideological training because they have adopted the concepts that predominate today: run, pressure, obstruct. “The team is very good because it defends well”, is usually a common … Read more

Jorge Barraza: Flamengo’s class, Barcelona’s courage | Columnists | sports


September 23, 2021 – 6:00 p.m. Finally a South American game that does not make us envy Europe…! After the soporific Palmeiras 0 – Mineiro 0, Flamengo and Barcelona gave us a beautiful semifinal, according to the prestige of the Libertadores, to its international resonance. Soccer is the great aircraft carrier of the entertainment industry, … Read more

Jorge Barraza: From Estrada’s great goal to Messi’s strike | Columnists | sports

September 4, 2021 – 7:30 p.m. The return of the public, the great goal by Michael Estrada, the terrible kick to Messi, the overwhelming train in Brazil, the sinking of Chile and not much else left the new date of the Eliminatory, the first of this marathon week in September. In terms of game, discreet. … Read more

Jorge Barraza: Although England does not want … | Columnists | sports

September 1, 2021 – 7:30 p.m. Denied, injured, suspended, in the chapel … The triple date of the Eliminatory that begins this Thursday is marked by a bad absence. A majority of national teams are missing players for various reasons. Adding those who did not come from England because the Premier League clubs did not … Read more