A Lakers legend exploded against LeBron James: ‘The greats don’t do that’

1638824662 A Lakers legend exploded against LeBron James The greats dont

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is an eminence of the Los angeles lakers and it is more than guaranteed to comment on what happens in the franchise of the NBA. In its recent appearance, gave his opinion on the situation of Lebron James that caused a stir in recent weeks and took the opportunity to strongly criticize the … Read more

LeBron James, annoyed with the handling of NBA protocols, after being isolated

1638729488 LeBron James annoyed with the handling of NBA protocols after

THE ANGELS — Lebron James returned to the Staples Center court on Friday, in the LA Lakers’ loss to the LA Clippers, after missing a game under NBA health safety protocols due to a false positive for COVID-19 in one of the tests. LeBron was unhappy with the league’s handling of the situation and spoke … Read more

LeBron James, positive for Covid-19

1638366852 LeBron James positive for Covid 19

The alarms went off hours before the start of Tuesday’s game against Sacramento, when Los angeles lakers they announced that Lebron James would be low due to the health and safety protocols of the NBA. Immediately, suspected a possible positive of coronavirus, a questionable result, or close contact. Finally, after the 117-92 victory against the … Read more

$ 15,000 fine to LeBron James for an obscene gesture

1638077627 15000 fine to LeBron James for an obscene gesture

This Friday, Lebron James was fined $ 15,000 for making an obscene gesture and the NBA He also warned him to refrain from making statements in “profane language”. After starring in a reprehensible event where he hit Isaiah Stewart, a few days ago he had a day full of incidents: fighting with fans and anti-sports … Read more

“I hope your son has an accident tomorrow and dies”: the outrageous words that unleashed LeBron James [video]

I hope your son has an accident tomorrow and dies

The game between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Indiana Pacers had to be halted. Photo: Andy Lyons / Getty Images Lebron James it’s news again, but again his performances on the court are not the reasons for this. The star of Los Angeles Lakers played a match against Indiana Pacers, after his suspension for … Read more

LeBron James fulfills sanction and guides Lakers to victory

1637909163 LeBron James fulfills sanction and guides Lakers to victory

Lebron James He returned to the court with the Los Angeles Lakers after serving his suspension game and led the 124-116 overtime win over the Indiana Pacers. James, who had to be absent after being sanctioned for the altercation he starred in with Isaiah Stewart Last Sunday, he has only participated in nine of the … Read more

Preferential treatment for LeBron James

Preferential treatment for LeBron James

It is not good for the credibility of the league that the aggressor, whatever his name is, is penalized with a different criterion than the attacked. It is a bit obvious when the name of Lebron and the word star, because he’s the face of basketball, but the NBA was too benevolent with number 6 … Read more

LeBron James is suspended for the first time in his career after altercation on the court

LeBron James is suspended for the first time in his

By Tim Reynolds – The Associated Press NBA star LeBron James of the Los Angeles Lakers was suspended for one game, while player Isaiah Stewart of the Detroit Pistons will miss two games as punishment for unsportsmanlike conduct during Sunday’s game at Detroit. The NBA announced the suspensions Monday night, so both players will miss … Read more

LeBron James’ bloody elbow that cost him his second ejection in 18 NBA seasons

It was not the best night of play and image for the star Lebron James, who he was sent off in the third period of the game that the Los Angeles Lakers, his team, finally won on the road with a 121-116 comeback against the Detroit Pistons. Look also James he was sent off early … Read more

James Rodríguez would have been made to cancel dinners in Brazil

Back to the Colombian national team after a year, James Rodriguez He already went through a wear and tear with the Colombian Federation. The managers did not like knowing that he had programmed two dinners in São Paulo, Brazil, on a personal schedule, which ended up being canceled by the athlete. We invite you to … Read more