Cristiano Ronaldo fell to the grass and Rodrigo De Paul allegedly told him “I didn’t touch you, don’t cry”

Cristiano Ronaldo fell to the grass and Rodrigo De Paul

The cross between the Lusitanian and the Argentine went viral on social networks, since nobody expected the response of the Atlétido de Madrid player The Argentine soccer player, Rodrigo de Paul, was one of the best players of Atlético de Madrid in the second leg of the Round of 16 against Manchester United. The midfielder … Read more

THEY HAVE NOT STROKEN OUT: 4 batters with the best touch of the 61st Series

THEY HAVE NOT STROKEN OUT 4 batters with the best

By Gian Franco Gil/ @Gian_Gil98 One of the most difficult actions in baseball is making contact with the 108-seam ball. According to those in the know, “hitting is an art.” Hitting him with a pitch traveling at speeds approaching 90 mph is complex work, requiring a lot of talent and extensive preparation. Meanwhile, if putting … Read more

SO CLEAR: “Cuba is a subject that I do not touch,” declared Puello

1643532373 SO CLEAR Cuba is a subject that I do not

By Jerry Diaz/ @Jerryto94 Cuba participated in the Caribbean Series as a guest in six consecutive editions from 2014 in Isla Margarita to 2019 in Panama. In that period, he reached the final on two occasions (2015 and 2019) even achieving the championship in San Juan 2015 with Alfonso Urquiola as manager under the name … Read more

Benzema is honest on ‘France Football’: “I love football at a touch”

Benzema is honest on France Football I love football at

Karim Benzema has been chosen as the best French player of 2021 by French Football. The prestigious magazine, which also awards the Ballon d’Or, has interviewed the Real Madrid striker in its January version, acknowledging the great level he has displayed over the last year. The French international has talked about his great moment in … Read more

Epic NFL play: Braxton Berrios ran over 100 yards and scored the 2021 touch down

Epic NFL play Braxton Berrios ran over 100 yards and

This Sunday’s game between the Jets of New York and the Jaguars Jacksonville, valid for the American Conference of the NFL, witnessed the shocking touchdown of Braxton berrios, who starred in a race of more than 100 yards in just 12 seconds and made those present at MetLife Stadium delirious. When the second half was … Read more

Cuban pitcher COULD TOUCH THE GLORY in Mexico for the second time

Cuban pitcher COULD TOUCH THE GLORY in Mexico for the

By Pablo Pichardo Throughout its history in the Mexican Arc League of the Pacific only five pitchers have managed to develop extraordinary campaigns that allowed them to win the “Triple Crown.” Fortunately, among these five pitchers, there is a Cuban, Elián Leyva, who in the 2018-2019 season, with the Charros de Jalisco, stole the headlines. … Read more