LAST MINUTE: Cuban baseball legend RECEIVED VISA and traveled to the United States today for a big event

By Yasel Porto A few days ago he called me by phone to tell me that he was in the Dominican Republic in the process of obtaining a United States visa and today I received the communication with the good news of his approval so that he could participate in one of the most transcendental … Read more

BREAKING: Cuban pitcher Norge Carlos Vera ASSIGNED at Chicago White Sox

By Jose Alejandro Rodriguez Zas Without a doubt, the talented Cuban pitcher Norge Carlos Vera he is one of the best prospects from the box in American professional baseball. The youngster from Santiago left an excellent impression in the 2021 season, during his debut in the Dominican Summer League (DSL), with extreme dominance over opposing … Read more

INCREDIBLE: Cuban Baseball ELIMINATED Industriales in Series 61 Playoff

By Jose Alejandro Rodriguez Zas The things that happen with the handling of public information within Cuban sports often lack all logic and it is not possible to find a coherent explanation. It seems that the people who are in charge of managing the websites that disclose what happens on the island in terms of … Read more

LAST MINUTE: Association of Cuban Players presented OFFICIAL APPLICATION for the 2024 Caribbean Series

By José Alejandro Rodríguez Zas / @jzas23 The Association of Professional Cuban Players (ACPBP) announced today, Saturday May 21, important news for all fans of Cuban baseball, the result of their constant work in these more than two months of creation. It may interest you: LAST MINUTE: From Mexico THREE CABALLOS joined the Association of … Read more

Cuban pole vaulter Yarisley Silva is BACK after recent “LOW” from the national team

By Yasel Porto At the beginning of last April, the news broke that Yarisley Silva, the best Cuban pole vaulter in history, had made the decision to withdraw from the national athletics team together with her coach.. Of course, that generated a huge stir despite the fact that “Yarita” is not in its moment of … Read more

From Havana airport Cuban launcher sent EMOTIONAL farewell MESSAGE

By Yasel Porto Goodbyes are never easy, even when they are temporary. Feelings that intersect when people have to be left behind or, in this case, their beloved team at the moment that the classification for the postseason phase in the 61st Cuban National Series was defined. The latter was what happened to the talented … Read more

It is the Government, and not the Cuban baseball players, who needs the agreement with the Major Leagues

The idea of ​​creating an independent Cuban baseball team to participate in the next World Classiclaunched in March by the Association of Professional Cuban Players (APCBP), has served as a pretext for the regime to bring up the agreement it reached with the Major League Baseball (MLB) in 2018 and was blocked by the then … Read more

The World Baseball Softball Confederation says ‘No’ to an independent Cuban team

The World Baseball Softball Confederation (WBSC) will not recognize an independent baseball team representing Cuba in the next World Baseball Classican event that he organizes with the Major Leagues. The Italian Ricardo Fraccari, President of the WBSChe told the Cuban state television program live ball what only the national federations can decide which team represents … Read more