Katia Reguero and Francisco Lindor join their lives

1641135006 Katia Reguero and Francisco Lindor join their lives

The sea breeze and the climate of the city of Miami combined with the tropical atmosphere of the beautiful gardens of the Vizcaya Museum provided the perfect setting for Katia Reguero and the star of the New York Mets, Francisco Lindor, they felt like in their beloved Puerto Rico, but with the warmth of their … Read more

MLB: Lindor issues would cause Mets to want to trade Jeff McNeil

MLB Lindor issues would cause Mets to want to trade

The New York Mets again they are looking to hit the table with tickets in 2022 in MLB, since after failing completely in 2021 by failing to make the playoffs despite the huge hiring of Francisco Lindor, they have returned to take out the checkbook and have given him a mega contract to Max Scherzer. … Read more

MLB: Did the Mets-Lindor deal complicate a possible negotiation between Astros and Carlos Correa?

MLB Did the Mets Lindor deal complicate a possible negotiation between

The market for buying and selling MLB It has become increasingly competitive in recent years as a result of the large contract extensions that some figures achieve with organizations. An example of this situation is the negotiation that New York Mets and Francisco Lindor did a few months ago, which would have had consequences in … Read more

MLB Free Agent Superlatives: Players Most Likely To …

MLB Free Agent Superlatives Players Most Likely To

We’re back with the fourth edition of free agent superlatives, and this year’s free agent class is without a doubt the most excellent we’ve seen in several years. What’s not so great is an offseason that can hit a wall thanks to the impending work stoppage at midnight on December 1, when the owners will … Read more

MLB: He wants to ‘dethrone him’ and Carlos Correa will not sign for less money than Francisco Lindor

Carlos Correa He is one of the most sought-after players in the Latin American market. free agency of this year in MLB and that also knows the value it has. That is why, as recently disclosed, He will not agree to sign a contract less than the one Francisco Lindor obtained with the New York … Read more

What are the best contracts signed by Puerto Rican players in history?

The year 2022 will be one to never forget in the history of Puerto Rico in Major League Baseball. It will be the year in which at least two of the best contracts signed by Puerto Rican players in the history of the game will be activated. And we say two because negotiations are still … Read more

MLB: Francisco Lindor ‘hanged’ partner in Mets dugout match

The 2021 Season of MLB came to an end and details of situations that arose in it are being released. Such is the case of a discussion that occurred between players of New York Mets last May, as it was recently revealed that Francisco Lindor would have hanged Jeff McNeil during a fight in the … Read more

Francisco Lindor honra sus raíces puertorriqueñas en su línea de calzado deportivo

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Mucho tiempo antes de que Francisco Lindor se convirtiera en “Mr. Sonrisa”, la estrella del béisbol de Grandes Ligas del colorido cabello e inconfundible sentido de la moda era conocido por los residentes de su natal Caguas, Puerto Rico, como un joven pelotero talentoso, aunque tímido, apodado “Paquito”. Actualmente, Lindor tiene 27 años y recientemente … Read more

Francisco Lindor and Javy Báez hesitate to Yadier Molina


Besides being good players in the Major Leagues, Francisco Lindor and Javier “Javy” Báez also have a lot of fun on the field of play. It does not matter if they have to hesitate for a few seconds to his friend and compatriot Yadier Molina. In a recent game between the New York Mets and … Read more

La Novena: Of doubtful behaviors, green guavas and outs dressed as players

1. LET’S BE FAIR: Being a sports professional is not as simple as it seems. Yes, I know they make millions, but other human activities are also very well paid and they don’t have to deal with thousands of people yelling in your ear about the human and the divine. Let’s do a simple exercise. … Read more