What are the best contracts signed by Puerto Rican players in history?

The year 2022 will be one to never forget in the history of Puerto Rico in Major League Baseball. It will be the year in which at least two of the best contracts signed by Puerto Rican players in the history of the game will be activated. And we say two because negotiations are still pending for free agents Carlos Correa, Javier Báez and Eddie Rosario.

But as far as their pacts are squared, below is the list of those two contracts already reported, and those that follow in the historical list.

Francisco Lindor

It will be in 2022 that the extension that he signed before last season for 10 years and $ 341 million is put into operation. It is the only contract of over $ 200 million signed by a Puerto Rican with a single agreement. The agreement includes deferred payments at a rate of $ 5 million per year that Lindor would collect from 2032 to 2041, a period in which the agreement it signed with the Mets would already expire. He will be 38 when the deal expires in 2032. It remains to be seen if he can get another year or two then. But if not, at least he will have already deposited during his entire career a total of just over $ 385 million including payments for the years prior to the historic agreement.

Jose Berríos

On November 16, 2021, it was reported that José Berríos has agreed to an extension with the Toronto Blue Jays for seven years and $ 140 million. It would be the second-largest pact of a single contract for a Puerto Rican surpassing the one that was number one until the signing of Lindor’s, one of Carlos Beltrán for seven years and $ 119 million. The pact would also be the largest in the history of a Puerto Rican pitcher, surpassing the four-year, $ 45 million deal that Javier Vázquez signed with the New York Yankees in 2004.

Carlos Delgado and Carlos Beltrán occupy positions among the best 10 contracts signed in history by a Puerto Rican player. Both at some point were the historical leader.

Carlos Beltran

At the age of 27, the manateño became the first Puerto Rican in history to agree to a contract in excess of $ 100 million by establishing a seven-year, $ 119 million deal with the New York Mets, including a signing bonus amounting to the $ 11 million in 2005. The contract came after an excellent performance in the National League Championship Series with the Houston Astros. At the time, the challenge was extremely great, as he was only the 10th player in baseball history to win a contract in excess of $ 100 million. It wasn’t his only multi-season deal. In his career he totaled earnings of just over $ 248 million.

Bernie williams

The outfielder received a 1998 contract for $ 87.5 million from the New York Yankees. The deal also included a $ 15 million option for the 2006 season which was not exercised by the Yankees, who had to pay Williams a $ 3.5 million buy out. In his career he totaled earnings of over $ 103 million.

Bernie Williams - New York Yankees (2003) / In a lost cause, the former center fielder won the batting title trophy in that edition with a .400 percentage (10-25 at-bats). He hit two homers and drove in five laps.
Bernie Williams was the first Puerto Rican to sign a contract worth over $ 80 million.

Yadier Molina

The catcher signed off on two hefty contracts with the St. Louis Cardinals. In 2013 he signed for five years and $ 75 million and in 2018 for three years and $ 60 million. By the time his career is over, he will have earned nearly $ 164 million in his career.

Carlos Delgado

The Aguadillano first baseman signed in 2000 with the Toronto Blue Jays for four years and $ 68 million. Until that moment, it was the second best multi-year contract received by a Puerto Rican in history when compared to the seven-year contract for Beltrán. He subsequently struck a four-year, $ 52 million deal with the Florida Marlins in 2005. The Puerto Rican slugger selected the Marlins over offers he received from the New York Mets, Texas Rangers and Orioles. from Baltimore. However, a year later he was traded to the Mets. The $ 19.7 billion received in 2004 with the Toronto Blue Jays ranks him as the highest-paid first baseman in a season. In his career he totaled earnings of over $ 142 million.

Jorge Posada

The catcher signed a six-year, $ 59 million contract with the New York Yankees in 2003. Upon completion after the 2007 season, he again signed a four-year, $ 52.4 million contract with the Bronx Ninth. At that time, he had an average annual salary of $ 13.1 million, the highest of a catcher in the majors, surpassing the $ 10 million of fellow Puerto Rican Iván Rodríguez with the Detroit Tigers and Jason Varitek with the Boston Red Sox.

Juan 'Igor' González played 115 games for the Tigers in 2000. In 461 at-bats, he hit .289, hit 22 home runs and had 67 RBIs. (File / AP)
Juan ‘Igor’ González will always be remembered as the player who refused to sign a $ 142 million extension with the Detroit Tigers. He would have been the first Puerto Rican to overcome a $ 100 million agreement. And that would still have been the second richest contract in history signed by a Puerto Rican today.

Juan “Igor” González

The outfielder signed for $ 42 million and six years in 1995 with the Texas Rangers. Following the signing, González won two AL Most Valuable Player awards in 1996 and 1998 and three silver bats.

Ivan Rodriguez

The catcher agreed to a $ 42 million, five-year contract with the Texas Rangers in the 1998 season. Like Juan “Igor” González, Rodríguez won the Most Valuable Player award a year later in 1999. In 2004, agreed with the Detroit Tigers for five seasons and $ 49 million.

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The best contract signed by a Puerto Rican pitcher in history, until José Berríos’s alleged deal with the Blue Jays, was the four-year, $ 45 million contract signed with the Yankees in 2004.

Javier Vazquez

The Ponce pitcher signed a four-year, $ 45 million deal with the Yankees prior to the 2004 season. That turned out to be Vazquez’s first long contract in his career. A year later, the New York ninth sent him to the Arizona Diamondbacks to complete the trade that brought Randy Johnson to New York. Subsequently, the Chicago White Sox extended his contract for three seasons and $ 34.5 million in 2007.

Roberto Alomar

The Santa Isabel agreed to a $ 32 million, four-year deal with the Cleveland Indians with a fourth-year option for the 1999 season.

Jose Vidro

The second baseman received a four-year contract extension for $ 30 million in May 2005, which gave the team that would later become the Washington Nationals an experienced player with three All-Star invitations.

Ruben Sierra

The outfielder received $ 30 million over five years in 1993 with the Oakland Athletics.

Bobby bonilla

He received the first mega-contract for a Puerto Rican when the New York Mets signed him for five years and $ 29.83 million. The Mets still continue to pay that debt well, in an unusual situation. In 1999, after Bonilla hit .160, the Mets proposed to defer the $ 5.9 million they owed him and begin paying it back 11 years later, with interest. Thus, Bonilla receives $ 1.19 million per year to take effect as of 2011.


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What are the best contracts signed by Puerto Rican players in history?