Brewers acquire Panamanian right-hander Javy Guerra

Bill Russells 6 will retire from the entire NBA

MILWAUKEE — The Milwaukee Brewers acquired right-hander Javy Guerra from the Tampa Bay Rays on Friday in a series of player moves to reconfigure their relief staff. In other decisions announced Friday, the Brewers did not award contracts for next season to right-handers Trevor Gott as well as Jandel Gustave and Luis Perdomo, who became … Read more

Detroit needs Javy Baez to get his magic back

Change of plans Braves activate Ronald Acuna Jr

It’s easy enough to find the main reason the Detroit Tigers are among the worst teams in the major leagues, just as we enter the third month of the season: Detroit hasn’t hit. Point and ball. A lineup loaded with hitters who have been successful for most of their careers has failed to execute up … Read more

Tampa Rays acquire Panamanian pitcher Javy Guerra from Padres

Tampa Rays acquire Panamanian pitcher Javy Guerra from Padres

The Tampa Bay Rays acquired Panamanian pitcher Javy Guerra from the San Diego Padres in the 2022 Major League Baseball – MLB season. Jay Warafter four seasons with the San Diego Padres, will wear the uniform of the rays of Tampa Bay in the Big leaguesthis after being changed this Saturday, April 16. The Padres … Read more

Francisco Lindor and Javy Báez hesitate to Yadier Molina


Besides being good players in the Major Leagues, Francisco Lindor and Javier “Javy” Báez also have a lot of fun on the field of play. It does not matter if they have to hesitate for a few seconds to his friend and compatriot Yadier Molina. In a recent game between the New York Mets and … Read more

MLB Video: ‘El Mago’ Javy Báez ‘disappears’ the ball with home run vs Marlins


New York Mets faced Miami Marlins on the day of this Thursday, September 9, corresponding to the regular calendar of the 2021 Season of MLB. One of the highlights of the meeting was the home run that Javy Báez hit in which the ball practically ‘disappeared’ as if it were an act of magic. Javy … Read more

Mets: Diamond lost by Javy Báez is valued at $ 200,000

For the New York Mets these last weeks have not been benevolent neither on the pitch nor off it, since they are not only complicating their passing to the MLB playoffs, but in extra-sporting trouble, its general manager Zack Scott was arrested for driving while intoxicated, in addition to Javier Báez and Francisco Lindor messed … Read more

Mets president spoke about the gestures to fans of Francisco Lindor and Javy Báez

The president of the Mets of New York, Sandy Alderson, spoke about the gestures that his players Francisco Lindor and Javier Baez made the fanatics this Sunday against the Nationals in the Major League Baseball – MLB. At a post-game press conference today between Mets and Washington Nationals, Javier Baez stated that his “thumbs down” … Read more

MLB: Cubs seat Javy Baez for his dogging against the Cincinnati Reds?

MLB Cubs seat Javy Baez for his dogging against the

This Tuesday, July 27, the continuation of the series will take place between Chicago Cubs and Cincinnati Reds, which in the last hours has become a great rivalry of the 2021 Season of MLB. The surprise for this day is that Cubs sat Javy Báez and it could be because of the dogging he did … Read more