Detroit needs Javy Baez to get his magic back

Change of plans Braves activate Ronald Acuna Jr

It’s easy enough to find the main reason the Detroit Tigers are among the worst teams in the major leagues, just as we enter the third month of the season: Detroit hasn’t hit. Point and ball. A lineup loaded with hitters who have been successful for most of their careers has failed to execute up … Read more

Major League Baseball: summary of the signings of the main free agents heading into the 2022 campaign

1648360508 Major League Baseball summary of the signings of the main

There were many free agents who changed uniforms for this season of the Greater. Fewer chose to remain where they finished last season. This year it will be strange to see Carlos Correa in a Minnesota uniform after a seven-year career with Houston, as did Freddie Freeman with the Dodgers and not the Atlanta Braves, … Read more

Billion Dollar Day: The Wildest 24 Hours in MLB Free Agency History

Billion Dollar Day The Wildest 24 Hours in MLB Free

FOR FOUR DAYS In early November, baseball executives were in and out of Suite 6048 at the Omni La Costa Resort and Spa. They had gathered in Carlsbad, California, for MLB’s annual managers’ meetings, and almost every organization sent at least one representative to the village to meet with Agent Scott Boras and his team … Read more

MLB Offseason Poll: Where Will The Star Free Agency Shortstop Land? Who will spend a lot?

MLB Offseason Poll Where Will The Star Free Agency Shortstop

MLB’s so-called hot stove is up and running this month, there have already been some major signings, but that could come to a halt when the current collective bargaining agreement ends on December 1. If there is a closure, negotiations with the agents will stop until a new agreement is reached between the players and … Read more

MLB Free Agent Superlatives: Players Most Likely To …

MLB Free Agent Superlatives Players Most Likely To

We’re back with the fourth edition of free agent superlatives, and this year’s free agent class is without a doubt the most excellent we’ve seen in several years. What’s not so great is an offseason that can hit a wall thanks to the impending work stoppage at midnight on December 1, when the owners will … Read more

MLB: Mets have a lot of competition in signing for Javier Báez

This free agent market certainly belongs to shortstops, with at least 5 All-Star caliber available in the market.or how Carlos Correa, Corey Seager, Marcus Semien, Trevor Story and Javier Báez, with the latter arriving via change in the middle of last season the New York Mets, with the Queens team thus far being the top … Read more

Carlos Correa in free agency: This is what is said about his future

Since last Sunday the business season of the Big leaguesIn other words, the period of negotiations for new contracts with free agent players, there are few reports that have been offered of teams having conversations with potential prospects to sign, such as would be the case that, for example, several ninths make arrangements to sign … Read more

Free agency begins in the majors: what are the alternatives for Carlos Correa, Javier Báez and Eddie Rosario?

After the World Series conquered by the Atlanta Braves last week, about 160 players in the Big leagues They entered free agency. Players in the hunt for new contracts include star Puerto Ricans like shortstop Carlos Correa and Javier Báez; and outfielder Eddie Rosario, who lifted the Fall Classic trophy after an outstanding performance in … Read more

How evaluators rank the MLB free agent shortstop class, and where each could land

It’s like Carlos Correa was building a personal audition tape during these playoffs, showing the big picture of his talents. There is Correa hitting the straights in an aggressive, easy way, as if he were squashing a slow fly with a rolled magazine. There’s Correa skillfully fielding a ground ball and confidently starting a double … Read more

Francisco Lindor and Javy Báez hesitate to Yadier Molina


Besides being good players in the Major Leagues, Francisco Lindor and Javier “Javy” Báez also have a lot of fun on the field of play. It does not matter if they have to hesitate for a few seconds to his friend and compatriot Yadier Molina. In a recent game between the New York Mets and … Read more