Toni Storm talks about the differences between NXT and the main roster

Toni Storm talks about the differences between NXT and the

The arrival of Toni Storm to the blue mark of SmackDown was first announced during this year’s July 9 episode. Toni had her first fight in that show against Zelina Vega during the edition of the 23rd of the same month, taking an impressive victory in her debut. Toni Storm talks about the differences between … Read more

NFL 2021: Cleveland Browns recovers its main figure for the game against Baltimore Ravens

NFL 2021 Cleveland Browns recovers its main figure for the

NFL Kevin Stefanski must be jumping on one leg when he learns that this Sunday he will be able to count on one of his main offensive weapons for his divisional duel against the Baltimore Ravens. Who is coming back? By Agustin Esposito placeholder image November 25, 2021 12:39 AM EDT November 25, 2021 12:39 … Read more

Bill Belichick and Andy Reid, main reasons for the resurgence of Chiefs and Patriots

Bill Belichick and Andy Reid main reasons for the resurgence

10:00 AM AR Ivis AburtoESPN Digital Close • NFL Editor and Columnist on ESPN Deportes since 2015. • He began his career in 1996, has worked in radio and print media as a reporter and editor specializing in NFL with experience in the coverage of various Super Bowls. The recent resurgence of the New England … Read more

MLB: Phillies are looking for a closer; Kenley Jansen, main target

Philadelphia Phillies is looking to improve its roster to be more competitive in Season 2022 of MLB and one of the departments they want to improve is their pitching staff. According to reports, The Phillies would be considering several closers and among his main signing options is Kenley Jansen, the now ex-Los Angeles Dodgers. Kenley … Read more

Becky Lynch Was Worried About RAW Main Story – Vince McMahon’s Reaction

Becky Lynch had an interesting Vince McMahon story to share in her latest interview with SI Media Podcast. The Man had a brief stint with Seth Rollins on WWE TV in mid-2019. The run didn’t last long and the real-life couple soon broke up. Lynch revealed that she was concerned about the angle and believed … Read more

Unai Emery is the main candidate for the Newcastle bench … but Villarreal knows nothing

Lor that it began as a gaseous rumor begins to take shape. Unai emery is the main candidate to sit on the bench of the Newcastle, who is still looking for a coach to lead his new megaproject after firing Steve Bruce. According to The Athletic and The Times, the technician of the Villarreal is … Read more

Mustafa Ali: ‘The Main Event matches were a test to see if I could become a heel’

Sergi peralta Oct 21, 2021 at 10:05 Mustafa ali had a complicated 2020. On the July 20 episode of Monday Night RAW, the Pakistani-born wrestler returned to WWE television programming after eight months of absence. However, weeks later, Ali disappeared again from the red mark and was relegated to the Main Event until his story … Read more

Eriel Sánchez: the main enemy of Pedro Álvarez’s freedom

By Swing Completo / In a matter of a few weeks Eriel Sanchez He has become one of the most controversial Cuban baseball characters and, why not, even hated. All due to certain statements in which he has shown arrogance, servility and even a bit of contradiction. “The patriot” went down in history as … Read more

Reason why Legado del Fantasma hasn’t made it to WWE’s main roster – Planeta Wrestling

One of the programs that continues to offer the most quality content on a weekly basis is the new format of this NXT 2.0. One way or another you have to acknowledge the hard work of Vince McMahon to connect these fighters with the fans. WWE made a strong bet and he has a future … Read more

Reason why WWE changed the main event of the last episode of Monday Night Raw


Sebastian Martinez Sep 23, 2021 at 15:27 During the broadcast of the last episode of Monday Night Raw a triple threat was held in the main event. Roman Reigns defeated Big E and Bobby Lashley. Originally, that spot on the card was planned for a tag team match between The Bloodline and The New Day, … Read more