Carlos Correa in free agency: This is what is said about his future

Since last Sunday the business season of the Big leaguesIn other words, the period of negotiations for new contracts with free agent players, there are few reports that have been offered of teams having conversations with potential prospects to sign, such as would be the case that, for example, several ninths make arrangements to sign players like the Puerto Rican Carlos Correa, for many the main free agent of the moment.

And there is a basic reason for the slowness: business is somewhat limited because the Major are currently in the middle of a negotiation period with the Players Association for a new collective agreement that does not yet seem possible to be agreed. The current agreement expires on December 1 and the details of the new one will define the framework of the baseball economy, which will help teams adjust their budgets to be able to consider what type of contracts it can offer and who or who can venture to manage. .

That said, it is no surprise then that at the moment the only thing that has transpired on Correa comes from the Houston Astros, the always investors New York Yankees and the Detroit Tigers team, one who is hungry to sign a player of impact and You could possibly be able to pay whatever it takes without giving much thought to what will come of the collective agreement in the long run.

As it is, here is what has been reported, rumored or commented on in baseball about the free agency of Correa, who recently this week won the first Gold Glove of his career.

Carlos Correa could finally win his first Gold Glove by posting the best numbers among shortstop finalists. (Ram ?? n “Tonito” Zayas)

The Astros made their offer

As reported over the weekend by Mark Berman of FOX 26 in Houston, the Astros management presented the Puerto Rican with an offer for $ 160 million and five years. Although far from the aspiration of a pact of over $ 300 million and that is close to the contract of the $ 341 million that Francisco Lindor signed with the New York Mets before the just concluded season, the offer will be the tenth largest in the history of the baseball based on the annual average of $ 32 million per season.

Correa has not made any expression related to the offer, but at the end of the World Series he said that the Astros know well the number that would lead him to continue in the organization and from the previous offers discussed last year it does not seem that they are those. Even before the start of the recently concluded season, the maximum offer they had made to Correa was for five years and $ 150 million.

It is obvious that with 27 years Correa aspires to a contract of at least eight to 10 years. While it would look good to see yourself in free agency again at 32, still young, the risk of getting a better hire then falls on the level of risk rather than opportunity. It could be positive if in the five years it confirms that it is on the rise, but it could reduce its values ​​if lesions reappear and its production is limited.

The Major Leagues are full of examples that players who after 32 were not the same. The most recent: Albert Pujols.

The Yankees already tested the thing

The second thing reported about Correa is that the general manager of the Yankees, Brian Cashman, according to sources with knowledge of the shared information, called the Puerto Rican’s agent, Jon Rosen, on Monday, to find out details of what Correa aspires to achieve. as a free agent.

In search of a shortstop after in 2021 they failed to achieve stability in the position that they tried to give permanently to Gleyber Torres, who will potentially be left alone as a second baseman, Cashman confirmed to members of the Yankees press present in Carlbad, California , where the winter general manager meetings are being held at the time of our writing, which has called in two representatives from two free-agent shortstop, although he did not say who they are. In addition to Correa, other free agents of interest include Corey Seager, Javier Báez, Marcus Semien and Trevor Story.

“I’m hitting base to see what is realistic and what is not realistic for free agents. What are their hopes and dreams, not only financial but in terms of landing places and comfort zone for them and their families, “Cashman said as published by the portal. “Clearly the price point will come into play and then we will take care of what is available on the commercial front. We are just trying to get more information so we can try to come up with a better strategy in the coming weeks. “

Many bet that Correa will go to the Tigers

There are many baseball experts who for this stage make predictions of the possible contracts that will be arranged during the offseason. And when consulting about Correa’s future, the bet that abounds to me and can be commented on in social networks is a possible agreement between the Puerto Rican and the Detroit Tigers, the team currently led by the former Astros driver, AJ Hinch, who lost his job due to the Houston team signal theft scandal in 2017.

The logic behind that prediction is that if there is a team with the budget to offer a contract of over $ 300 million, it is Detroit. There is talk that perhaps the first two years they would negotiate for a more comfortable payment, hoping that in that time the contract of Venezuelan Miguel Cabrera expires, so that they can then increase the value of the payment per year.

Detroit has been in a tough rebuilding process for several years and better days are ahead for the franchise. A player like Correa supporting Hinch, who experienced something similar in Houston, would be of very high value.

Don’t fall asleep with the Rangers

Finally, do not rule out that Texas may continue to be Correa’s home, although not the city of Houston but Arlington. Although nothing has been reported with a first and last name, it has been said that the ninth Texas Rangers have said they have over $ 100 million available to invest for the 2022 season. Definitely signing Correa would be good to strengthen his potential, but also to weaken his division rival.

And what about Báez and Rosario?

Javier Báez and Eddie Rosario are the other Puerto Ricans in the free agent market, and in their cases they seem a little more caught up in the Major League contract mess. That does not mean that nothing is happening with them, but at least the rumors are less or are quieter.

From what we know, Baez is clearly a player of interest to the Mets who got him instead this past year. Meanwhile, he would be a valuable asset to the Red Sox, who would value an upgrade at second base. And there is no one who stops dreaming that the Cubs, despite the fact that they traded him, will try to get him back via free agency.

As for Rosario, there is very little that has sounded. Atlanta may want to keep him after he became a fan favorite. It is also said that Colorado could also take a look at it.


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Carlos Correa in free agency: This is what is said about his future