Aaron Judge may not play for the Yankees in New York due to vaccine regulations

Aaron Judge may not play for the Yankees in New

The New York Mayor’s office today confirmed to the media that unvaccinated Yankees and Mets players will not be able to play in the city. Players on both teams are “subject to the New York City private employer’s vaccination mandate,” USA Today explained. Which means that the unvaccinated players will not be able to attend … Read more

Silver: NY vaccine mandate for Kyrie makes no sense

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NBA Commissioner Adam Silver said on ESPN’s Get Up that New York City’s vaccination mandate that prevents the Nets point guard, Kyrie Irvingplay in local games “doesn’t make much sense to me”. As a player not vaccinated against COVID-19, Irving is not allowed to play at Barclays Center by mandate. However, a player from a … Read more

“The vaccine has killed more than 100 professional athletes”: NBA legend banned for not wearing a mask

The vaccine has killed more than 100 professional athletes NBA

Gonzaga University vetoed John Stockton. Photo: JIM LO SCALZO / EPA / EFE Vetoed, that’s how it was John Stockton of Gonzaga University, in Spokane, Washington. In view of refuses to wear a mask the player with the most steals (3,265) and assists (15,806) in the history of the NBA they banned him attend your … Read more

“More than 100 athletes have died from the vaccine”, the anti-vaccine position of the NBA legend John Stockton

More than 100 athletes have died from the vaccine the

John Stockton said that more than 100 athletes have died from the covid vaccine. Photo: Jeenah Moon/Getty Images John Stockton, legend of the Utah Jazz and the highest assist in NBA history, declared that he is against vaccines against the COVID and that has caused the death of more than 100 athletes in the world. … Read more

Financed by a billionaire, South Africa inaugurates the continent’s first anti-covid vaccine plant

Financed by a billionaire South Africa inaugurates the continents first

Exclusive Content The note you are trying to access is exclusively for subscribers subscribe know our plansand enjoy El País without limits. Get into If you are already a subscriber you canSign in with your username and password. South Africa, spearhead in the fight for equality in terms of access to anticovid vaccines, opened this … Read more

Kyrie Irving does not want to be vaccinated and assures that there is a satanic plan

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Kyrie Irving is one of the best basketball players in the NBA today, but in recent times he has been immersed in different controversies. This time, he questioned vaccination against Covid-19 and He pointed out that behind the tool to combat the Coronavirus there was a satanic plan with a racial focus. According to the … Read more

Didi Gregorius justifies his poor performance because of the vaccine

didi gregorius vacuna coronavirus rendimiento numeros grandes ligas

The shortstop for the Philadelphia Phillies, Didi gregorius, justifies that his terrible performance this season is since he put the vaccine against the coronavirus on the MLB. Didi gregorius claims the injections caused him to develop pseudogout, a form of arthritis characterized by sudden and painful swelling, in his right elbow that weakened its performance. … Read more