Keys to undefeated Eagles: good sense and common sense – Spanish Bowl

Keys to undefeated Eagles good sense and common sense

After day five, the eagles they remain the only undefeated team in the NFL. Although there were good forecasts, almost no one expected that it would be the only team that does not know defeat after five games. Let’s analyze the keys to your success. THE EVOLUTION OF THE TECHNICAL STAFF The previous season, theoretically … Read more

Ryan Kelly says there’s a ‘sense of urgency’ that ‘the time is now’ for Colts – Home

Ryan Kelly says theres a sense of urgency that the

ads Getty Indianapolis Colts center Ryan Kelly says there is “a sense of urgency” that “the time is now” for the Colts. The Indianapolis Colts missed the playoffs after the 2021 NFL season by just one game. But sometimes how the end of the previous season can shape how the next campaign begins. Center Ryan … Read more

Silver: NY vaccine mandate for Kyrie makes no sense

1645109709 Silver NY vaccine mandate for Kyrie makes no sense

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver said on ESPN’s Get Up that New York City’s vaccination mandate that prevents the Nets point guard, Kyrie Irvingplay in local games “doesn’t make much sense to me”. As a player not vaccinated against COVID-19, Irving is not allowed to play at Barclays Center by mandate. However, a player from a … Read more

Dodgers: Zack Greinke’s return would make sense if Clayton Kershaw doesn’t sign again

Dodgers Zack Greinkes return would make sense if Clayton Kershaw

Los Angeles Dodgers they have many free agents pending this offseason, which due to the work stoppage there can be no progress in new signatures for them, having lost already to Corey Seager and Max Scherzer before the blows Rangers and Mets, being able to also lose other historical players how it is Clayton Kershaw, … Read more

Does the Cubs’ interest in signing Carlos Correa make sense?

Does the Cubs interest in signing Carlos Correa make sense

Carlos Correa he’s still the best shortstop available on the free-agent market. At one point, before the MLB went on strike, baseball analysts assured that the Puerto Rican would sign a millionaire contract, but it was not like that. Before becoming a free agent, Correa had two offers from the Houston Astros, but they couldn’t … Read more

MLB: Why did it make sense to sign starter Marcus Stroman for the Cubs?

MLB Why did it make sense to sign starter Marcus

After several winters in which free agency was largely absent, and this season’s sell-off of the core that helped end the Los Angeles World Series drought Chicago Cubs, the right pitcher’s team signature Marcus stroman to a three-year, $ 71 million deal was a welcome move for many. This is a big market team, after … Read more