Didi Gregorius justifies his poor performance because of the vaccine

The shortstop for the Philadelphia Phillies, Didi gregorius, justifies that his terrible performance this season is since he put the vaccine against the coronavirus on the MLB.

Didi gregorius claims the injections caused him to develop pseudogout, a form of arthritis characterized by sudden and painful swelling, in his right elbow that weakened its performance.

“Some people say it is because of the vaccine. I’ll also say it’s likely because of that, “Gregorius told The Inquirer before Wednesday’s game. “But when you say that, everyone looks at you like you are stupid because the vaccine is not supposed to be like that or give you that reaction.”

Paul Offit, a vaccine expert at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, said that no vaccines, including those for COVID-19, could cause pseudogout. “It has nothing to do with the vaccine,” he said. However, it is possible for a vaccine to cause an outbreak of pseudogout if Gregorius already had it and did not know it. However, the flare would only last a few days. An outbreak that lasts for months “doesn’t make any sense.”

Didi gregorius He was one of the Phillies’ best hitters last season and signed a $ 28 million contract in the offseason, but he has been one of the least productive offensive players in baseball in 2021 and is valued roughly the same as a player level in baseball. replacement in Wins Above Replacement.

What are Didi’s offensive numbers this season?

In about 90 games, Gregorius has 11 home runs, 48 ​​RBIs while hitting .218.

Former Yankees player Gregorius, 31, began experiencing discomfort and swelling in his elbow in April, which he said began shortly after receiving the second dose of the vaccine. Pseudogout is treated with medication, but Gregorius said the discomfort has not gone away.