Dominik Mysterio justifies the attack on his father at home

1669918173 Dominik Mysterio justifies the attack on his father at home

During Thanksgiving Day, Dominik Mysterio visited his parents with rhea ripley, who were celebrating this holiday. When they arrived, Dominik’s mother appeared first, who was surprised to see Rhea, and then it was Dominik himself. Mistery King the one who confronted the members of The Judgment Day, asking them to let them celebrate in peace. … Read more

Edge Justifies His Actions Against AJ Styles on WWE RAW

Edge Justifies His Actions Against AJ Styles on WWE RAW

During broadcasts of Monday Night RAW via USA Network, the fighter Bron Breakker made his official debut in the main cast of WWE. As total darkness engulfed the crowd in Cleveland, Ohio, a suit-clad Edge slowly approached the ring without letting him know. “Metallingus” will sound in the background on the speakers. “The Ultimate Opportunist” … Read more

Vince McMahon justifies his decisions: “It’s the best for the audience” | Superfights

1646354525 Vince McMahon justifies his decisions Its the best for the

Vince McMahon has been the subject of a lot of criticism over the years, and he knows it. In recent months this situation has become more accentuated as a result of the dismissal of more than a hundred fighters, not counting the personnel behind the scenes, but The WWE boss also thinks that much of … Read more

Didi Gregorius justifies his poor performance because of the vaccine

didi gregorius vacuna coronavirus rendimiento numeros grandes ligas

The shortstop for the Philadelphia Phillies, Didi gregorius, justifies that his terrible performance this season is since he put the vaccine against the coronavirus on the MLB. Didi gregorius claims the injections caused him to develop pseudogout, a form of arthritis characterized by sudden and painful swelling, in his right elbow that weakened its performance. … Read more

America justifies discharge of Renato Ibarra due to injuries and existence of gender equality

Renato Ibarra will be registered with Liga MX and may be taken into account by Santiago Solari with América America, through a statement, announced that Renato Ibarra will be considered again for the first team. The Ecuadorian midfielder will be discharged as a reinforcement and with this he will once again wear the colors of … Read more