Phillies without four players vs. Toronto for not being vaccinated

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ST. LOUIS, Mo. — The Philadelphia Phillies will be without JT Realmuto, Alec Bohm, Aaron Nola and Kyle Gibson for the two-game series in Toronto due to Canada’s restrictions on unvaccinated travelers against COVID -19. Nola started Philadelphia’s game against St. Louis on the mound but is not scheduled to pitch against the Blue Jays … Read more

Kyrie on not getting vaccinated: ‘I did the right thing’

Kyrie on not getting vaccinated I did the right thing

NEW YORK – The All-Star shooting guard for the Brooklyn Nets, Kyrie Irvingsaid he doesn’t care what the world thinks about his decision not to get vaccinated against COVID-19 and remains steadfast in his belief that he made the “right decision for me.” “I can really say that I stuck to what I believed in, … Read more

An NBA legend was banned as a spectator for not wanting to be vaccinated against COVID-19 and not wearing a mask

An NBA legend was banned as a spectator for not

John Stockton spoke out against vaccines and the use of face masks (Getty Images) The controversies over those not vaccinated against COVID-19 continue and in this case it is about John Stockton, a living legend of the NBA and owner of two records such as being the maximum assistant and the one who stole the … Read more

Durant: ‘I’m not going to force Irving to get vaccinated’

Durant Im not going to force Irving to get vaccinated

NEW YORK – Brooklyn Nets superstar, Kevin Durant, said he has had no further conversations with his teammate, Kyrie irving, about getting vaccinated against COVID-19. That would allow him to play in every game this season, not just most away games. 1 Related Irving, who is not vaccinated against COVID-19, returned to the Nets’ lineup … Read more

Kimmich generates controversy in Germany for not having been vaccinated

The Bayern Munich player has not ruled out applying the vaccine in the future, but his position raises concern The German international Joshua Kimmich, of the Bayern Munich, has generated a controversy in his country for not having yet been vaccinated against the coronavirus and have publicly explained that he has not done so because … Read more

Shortly after starting the NBA! Kyrie Irving was removed from the Brooklyn Nets for refusing to get vaccinated

Although we are still in a pandemic, COVID-19 cases are decreasing little by little thanks to vaccines. However, the issue continues to speak to different people, who until now refuse to be immunized. A known case is that of Kyrie irving, star of the NBA. The Brooklyn Nets point guard has decided not to get … Read more

The Brooklyn Nets won’t admit Kyrie Irving until he’s vaccinated

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Photo: Steven Ryan / Getty Images. The Brooklyn Nets announced on Tuesday that guard Kyrie Irving, who has not been vaccinated against covid-19, will not be able to compete until he has complied with this requirement demanded by the health authorities of New York. The Nets announcement also includes the Irving banned from participating in … Read more

KD believes Irving will be with Nets despite not getting vaccinated

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Kevin Durant said he still imagines that Kyrie irving he will be part of the Brooklyn Nets’ championship quest, but he also acknowledges that it will be “difficult to duplicate what he brings in” if he can’t play at home in Brooklyn. Irving missed his second consecutive day of practice in Brooklyn, as New York … Read more

Alarm in the Premier for the ‘I do not get vaccinated’ because of Bill Gates


Nor only the NBA has problems with vaccinating your stars Against the coronavirus, the Premier League is not immune to conspiracy theories circulating on social media and more and more English League players are refusing to receive the Covid-19 vaccine. The last positive in English football, that of N’Golo Kant, has put the Premier League … Read more

LeBron vaccinated: the road to the title begins with health

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EL SEGUNDO, California – Lebron James He said he initially felt “skepticism” regarding the COVID-19 vaccine, but ultimately decided to get it for the well-being of himself, his family and his team. “You’re always trying to find ways that you can be available and protect each other and have the best possible opportunity to be … Read more