Alarm in the Premier for the ‘I do not get vaccinated’ because of Bill Gates

Nor only the NBA has problems with vaccinating your stars Against the coronavirus, the Premier League is not immune to conspiracy theories circulating on social media and more and more English League players are refusing to receive the Covid-19 vaccine. The last positive in English football, that of N’Golo Kant, has put the Premier League on alert.

According to the Daily Mail, only a third of all footballers who play in the Premier have been vaccinated with the full schedule. Only 7 of the 20 teams have fully vaccinated more than 50% of their squads. But is that at least three clubs have not even vaccinated 10% of the team. One of them is Newcastle, whose players have not yet been vaccinated against the coronavirus. In contrast, Leeds, Wolves, Southampton and Brentford have vaccinated more than 90% of their staff.

However, what concerns the British authorities most are conspiracy theories against vaccines that are beginning to spread in the team locker rooms.

Bill Gates chips for 5G, infertility, vitamins …

“It’s very frustrating since conspiracy theories are creeping into the locker room. We have veterans, smart men, who are saying all kinds of nonsense and they are not going to move from there. One of them told me that he did not need the vaccine because he could increase his immunity by taking vitamins“, assured the doctor of a Premier club to the Daily Mail with the condition of not revealing his name.

“Some of the things that you are reading, and believing, on the Internet are incredible. Players say it will make them infertile, that it’s part of a plot involving Bill Gates, that the pandemic is just propaganda. The real problem is that they are also polluting the minds of the younger players. “

Bill Gates predicted a pandemic like Covid-19 … 5 years ago!

The Premier League has received guarantees from the British Government that unvaccinated players will not be expelled from the stadiums and will be able to continue playing normally if the Covid passport becomes mandatory in mass events, as Boris Johnson wants so that the figures do not increase significantly in winter.

Freedom or selfishness?

There are many voices that demand freedom of choice on this issue. The last has been Thomas Tuchel after the positive of N’Golo Kant. “They are adults, they should have the freedom to choose to be vaccinated or not. The easy thing for me would be to say that they should be vaccinated and receive the applause of the people. But do I have the right to say that? I do not think so. I can make the decision for myself. Others must decide whether or not you take the risk. I think it is safe and that is why I have been vaccinated, but I’m not an expert to give advice to people “explained the Chelsea manager.

In order to speed up the vaccination of the players, the Premier League reward those teams that vaccinate all of their squads. These awards may have to do with the travel protocols of the teams that play European competitions and with the public in events such as the FA CUP and League Cup finals. In addition to seeing the existing Covid protocols relaxed in training and matches.