Irving resurrects the Nets, Nuggets continue to party and Lakers surprise

Irving resurrects the Nets Nuggets continue to party and Lakers

Kyrie Irving, spectacular with 48 points, revived the Brooklyn Nets after four straight losses this Friday in which they also highlighted the ninth consecutive victory of the Denver Nuggets and the surprising victory of the Los Angeles Lakers against the Memphis Grizzlies. JAZZ 106 – NETS 117 With 48 points, 11 rebounds and 6 assists, … Read more

Adam Silver and LeBron James come out in defense of Kyrie Irving

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Kyrie Irving is still in the eye of the hurricane for his questionable actions in recent daysYes, however, in the midst of the new storm that the Nets player is going through, two very important NBA characters have come to his defense: Commissioner Adam Silver and his former teammate in Cleveland, LeBron James. Kyrie Irving … Read more

Irving on fans in Boston: ‘I’m used to these antics’

Irving on fans in Boston Im used to these antics

BOSTON – The guard of the Brooklyn Nets, Kyrie Irvingsaid he was responding to words he heard from the crowd when he taunted several Boston Celtics fans on two separate occasions during Sunday’s 115-114 Game 1 loss. After the game, Irving made it clear that he would have “the same energy for them” that they … Read more

Nets rub their hands for having Irving at home

1648089192 Nets rub their hands for having Irving at home

Facing the final part of the regular season and an imminent appearance in the Playoffs, the Brooklyn Nets are rubbing their hands so that New York’s vaccination mandate is revoked as soon as possible and in this way they can count on their starting point guard, the australian Kyrie Irving. On Wednesday morning, ESPN’s Adrian … Read more

Irving scores 60 points in the game against the Magic

Irving scores 60 points in the game against the Magic

ORLANDO, Fla. — Brooklyn Nets point guard, Kyrie Irvingput together one of the most impressive offensive halves in basketball in recent NBA history during Tuesday’s game against the Orlando Magic, scoring 60 points in a dominant performance. In 23 first-half minutes, Irving was 14-for-19 from the field, 6-for-7 from beyond the arc, 7-for-7 from the … Read more

NY Mayor: ‘Exception to Irving would send wrong message’

1646526372 NY Mayor Exception to Irving would send wrong message

New York Mayor Eric Adams said Monday that he wants to see Kyrie Irving playing at Barclays Center, but making an exception for the unvaccinated Brooklyn Nets shooting guard would “send the wrong message” to the rest of the city. Adams made his comments to CNBC, adding that he has spoken with Nets owner Joseph … Read more