Phillies without four players vs. Toronto for not being vaccinated

ST. LOUIS, Mo. — The Philadelphia Phillies will be without JT Realmuto, Alec Bohm, Aaron Nola and Kyle Gibson for the two-game series in Toronto due to Canada’s restrictions on unvaccinated travelers against COVID -19.

Nola started Philadelphia’s game against St. Louis on the mound but is not scheduled to pitch against the Blue Jays in the series that begins Tuesday. Bohm left Monday’s game with a possible hand injury.

President of team operations Dave Dombrowski told reporters before the game that four players will be placed on the restricted list and will not receive two days of pay and time of service from Major League Baseball under the terms of the collective bargaining agreement. of the MLB.

“I’m not going to let Canada tell me what I put or don’t put on my body for a little money,” said Realmuto, a three-time All-Star. “Not worth it”.

“I am a healthy 31-year-old professional athlete,” he added. “I just don’t feel like it’s necessary to put it on. She has given me COVID a couple of times, very mild symptoms, when it first came up. When it came time to decide whether or not to get vaccinated, I talked to a couple of doctors and told them my story and really decided I didn’t need it. I wasn’t going to do it just because they told me.”

The MRI on Bohm’s finger came back negative for a fracture and he could avoid going on the disabled list. If you enter there, they will not add you to the list of restrictions.

The 25-year-old player told reporters before the game that he hoped “his personal decision” wouldn’t affect the entire team.

“Yeah, that’s the hard part about it,” Bohm said. “I wish it didn’t have to be like this. It’s a personal decision. I made a decision and there are consequences that come with it and I have to suffer. It is what it is.”

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Phillies without four players vs. Toronto for not being vaccinated