The lack of response from the soccer team to the President’s invitation triggered multiple readings at the Casa Rosada

MLB Rookie millionaire Braves sign eight year extension to young freshman

The only definition of the Government on the celebrations for the world championship came just after 6:00 p.m. this Monday and it was with the decree of a National holiday for this Tuesday, December 20. The decision was premised on allowing Buenos Aires and Buenos Aires residents to come to welcome the team led by … Read more

The unbridled race for Endrick: offer from PSG, immediate response from Real Madrid…

The unbridled race for Endrick offer from PSG immediate response

ANDndrick turned 16 in July. He has been talking about him for twelve months. He will not be able to play in Europe until the 2024-2025 season. No matter. His signing will be decided in the coming weeks. The unbridled race for the Palmeiras striker has already begun and the outcome looms urgently. Three warm-up … Read more

Manny Machado’s unusual response after Dodgers sweep

Los 5 jugadores favoritos de Stephen Curry en la NBA

Dominican Manny Machado did not have a very normal response after being swept against the Los Angeles Dodgers. In the first series of Dodgers Y San Diego Padres since the deadline for changes in the MLB 2022, The Dodgers swept the Padres in three games that are now different with Juan Soto and Josh Bell. … Read more

Strong response from the Chilean government to the Argentine team: “They had the real quilombo”

Strong response from the Chilean government to the Argentine team

Zorros del Desierto Stadium, Calama, where the Chilean and Argentine teams will face each other This Wednesday the Argentine team arrived in the city of Calama, Antofagasta region (1,534 kilometers from Santiago) to face Chile for the qualifiers. But nevertheless, his arrival was not exempt from claims by the “Albiceleste”. In his social networks, some … Read more

ENOUGH RODEOS: Necessary response to WBSC President Where were you Fraccari?

1642233017 ENOUGH RODEOS Necessary response to WBSC President Where were you

By Jerry Diaz/ @Jerryto94 The President of the World Baseball Softball Confederation (WBSC) is visiting Cuba as part of the celebration this January 14 and the next few days of the 60th Anniversary of the National Series. On the afternoon of this very day, the 14th, he offered a Press conference in which he referred … Read more

NFL updates protocols in response to COVID-19 cases

NFL updates protocols in response to COVID 19 cases

In measures that reminded the atmosphere of the 2020 season, the NFL updated its protocols in response to an increase in COVID-19 cases, and will push the application of booster vaccines as the most effective measure against the coronavirus. As part of its protocol changes, the league is requiring players, coaches and employees to wear … Read more

Sergio Ramos’ uncomfortable response when asked if Messi should win the Ballon d’Or

Sergio Ramos uncomfortable response when asked if Messi should win

Sergio Ramos with Lionel Messi when they were presented as PSG reinforcements (Reuters) Sergio Bouquets It was one of the galactic reinforcements incorporated by Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) for this season, however its debut in the French team had been delayed more than necessary due to its physical inconveniences. Finally, this Sunday he put on the … Read more

From the Shotgun Formation: What’s the response as a QB? – Week 9 NFL Season 2021

The number 1 priority of all NFL teams is finding their franchise QB, but… what is the option? On top of that the unbeaten ones in the league are over, the Lions still winless and other things from week 8, all from the Shotgun Formation. How many teams have the answer? Week by week they … Read more

Gallardo’s forceful response about his future

Once again, the Monumental bellowed with the “Gallant It is from River and from River does not go away. “And the Doll, post 3-0 against Argentinos, responded on the subject that has all millionaire fans on edge: its continuity after the end of the year, when your contract ends. Look also Gallardo greets the fans. … Read more

Vince McMahon made changes to WWE Raw in response to AEW – Planet Wrestling

Vince McMahon AEW 1 1

As we had already published the week before in which for the first time Tony Khan’s company, AEW had surpassed in a key sector comprising the 18-49 year old demographic where AEW had attracted a larger audience than Raw itself. Given what happened, Vince’s company has decided to make important changes within the brand in … Read more