The lack of response from the soccer team to the President’s invitation triggered multiple readings at the Casa Rosada

MLB Rookie millionaire Braves sign eight year extension to young freshman

The only definition of the Government on the celebrations for the world championship came just after 6:00 p.m. this Monday and it was with the decree of a National holiday for this Tuesday, December 20. The decision was premised on allowing Buenos Aires and Buenos Aires residents to come to welcome the team led by … Read more

UEFA will award President’s Award to Kjaer and doctors who saved Eriksen’s life

The emergency team and the captain of Denmark will be recognized for their actions during Euro 2020 The medical team that saved the Danish player’s life Christian eriksen on the Euro 2020, as well as the captain of the national team Denmark, Simon Kjaer, they will receive the President Award that grants the UEFA, announced … Read more

The puzzle of Laporta and the rest of LaLiga presidents with the salary limit

The puzzle of Laporta and the rest of LaLiga presidents

LaLiga clubs squeeze their accounts to meet the salary limit, that equation that establishes how much money teams can spend to pay the cost of their squads (players, coaches, coaching staff, subsidiary …) and that is causing a headache for many. Among them, Laporta, who cannot register Messi until he reduces it. The formula is … Read more