The lack of response from the soccer team to the President’s invitation triggered multiple readings at the Casa Rosada

The only definition of the Government on the celebrations for the world championship came just after 6:00 p.m. this Monday and it was with the decree of a National holiday for this Tuesday, December 20. The decision was premised on allowing Buenos Aires and Buenos Aires residents to come to welcome the team led by Lionel Messi, which this Tuesday at noon will depart from the AFA premises in Ezeiza towards the Obelisk. A tour that, although extensive, in principle would not include the Casa Rosada, for which there is an invitation extended by President Alberto Fernández, although late yesterday there were versions that gave an account of the possibility that this image would finally be given.

“There is nothing new,” they insisted from different sectors in the evening of this Monday. And they maintained the hope that they would finally go, although others already took a rudeness for granted.

As soon as the negotiations began, from Doha, Qatar, it was emphasized that the decision on whether or not to attend Balcarce 50 would come as a result of talks between the players, the coaching staff and the AFA. It was on the eve of the game with France. The last word was for the footballersindicated from the Casa Rosada, when the versions intensified that the strongest refusal arose from the head of the AFA himself, Claudio “Chiqui” Tapiawho before obtaining the Copa América had to surf more than one official attack who sought to displace him from his chair. From Doha they also explained that the players had decided to all return to the country, whatever the result of the match against France, to “thank” the support provided by the people. Along these lines, there were not a few who alluded to the fact that the campus did not want to be “stuck” to politics.

In the last few hours, a no lesser ingredient also gained strength: that the internal government itself would have had an impact on the decision. Along these lines, officials claimed that maximum kirchnerof good arrival at Tapia, would have discouraged an eventual photo of the squad with Fernández.

Close to La Cámpora as well as the squad they referred to saying that the final decision would be that of the players, avoiding all kinds of speculation. They argued that in 2014, when Argentina won the second place in the world in Brazil, as well as in the Copa América, they had also avoided the Casa Rosada and preferred the AFA venue, in Ezeiza.

For the Fernández administration, the championship provides “oxygen”, according to the definition chosen by different sources consulted. “It is not that it saves us, but it allowed us to spend a quiet December and in this scenario it is a lot”, they pointed out. The forecasts and the affection aroused by the Scaloni team exceeded even the most optimistic projections of the ruling party. “We thought that depending on how the team did, there would be a better social mood, but what happened surpassed everything. They returned a party to a society beaten and fed up with everything ”synthesized an official, to finish off: “On Sunday and in the previous one we did not seem like a divided country,” he summarized.

For the Government, it is essential to participate in some way in the festivities of the selected team. He was already left out this weekend, when the president declined to travel to Doha, despite the invitation that the Emir of Qatar sent him to witness the match with France. An international showcase that would have allowed him to show himself, among other things, once again together with the president of that country, Emmanuel Macron, with whom he has an excellent relationship. Or decorating the players and coaching staff, in a worldwide chain, as the Frenchman did on the afternoon of this Qatari Sunday.

When evaluating the possibility of the trip, the prominence gained by former president Mauricio Macri, who witnessed the World Cup from the official boxes for his role as FIFA president, was taken into account. Tapia would have blocked his presence on the podium, where he showed his excellent arrival with Scaloni and the players. Another theory of those that circulated this Monday in the Casa Rosada.

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The lack of response from the soccer team to the President’s invitation triggered multiple readings at the Casa Rosada