‘I’m at my best, baby’: Why Manny Machado is in his best shape at 30

Im at my best baby Why Manny Machado is in

He is now the old man in the room, and that is not an easy fact for Manny Machado. At the All-Star Game in July, a week after her 30th birthday, she sang, “It’s my prime, baby. I’m young. I’m young!” And a month later in Kansas City, where his San Diego Padres were still … Read more

Machado, Soto and other teammates react to positive and suspension of Tatis Jr.

In addition, the general manager of the Padres AJ Preller valued what happened with the Dominican shortstop The result of a test within the Major League Anti-Doping Program and the subsequent suspension for 80 games to Fernando Tatis Jr. has not left anyone indifferent. The first to feel dismayed and surprised have been their own … Read more

Manny Machado’s unusual response after Dodgers sweep

Los 5 jugadores favoritos de Stephen Curry en la NBA

Dominican Manny Machado did not have a very normal response after being swept against the Los Angeles Dodgers. In the first series of Dodgers Y San Diego Padres since the deadline for changes in the MLB 2022, The Dodgers swept the Padres in three games that are now different with Juan Soto and Josh Bell. … Read more

Al Rojas Vivo: The top remains unchanged, but there is a new batsman in the Top 5

Al Rojas Vivo The top remains unchanged but there is

The Venezuelan Luis Arraez He entered the Top 5 of the Latin hitters ranking for the first time in his career, thanks to his spectacular assault on the batting leadership of both major leagues. The first places remained unchanged, with Jose Ramirez at the top, in the ninth installment of “Al Rojas Vivo”, published weekly … Read more

Fight between Dominican third basemen for the top of Al Rojas Vivo

Fight between Dominican third basemen for the top of Al

Three Dominican third basemen enter week seven, dominating the top of the ranking of the best Latino hitters. rafael devers joins his compatriots and position colleagues Manny Machadoof the San Diego Padres, and Jose Ramirezof the Cleveland Indians, at the top of “Al Rojas Vivo,” published weekly by ESPN Digital for the 17th consecutive year … Read more

Can the Padres reverse last year’s dysfunction and get back into contention?

Can the Padres reverse last years dysfunction and get back

BILLY BEANE WAS a sports-obsessed 7-year-old in San Diego when Major League Baseball came to his town in 1969. He attended as many Padres games as he could, visiting what was then called San Diego Stadium so often that it became part of an early promotional campaign that designated him as a “7up Junior Father”. … Read more

Al Rojas Vivo: Wander Franco kicks off 2022 at full steam

Al Rojas Vivo Wander Franco kicks off 2022 at full

the dominican Wander Franco and Curaçao Jurickson Profar led a great performance of the Latin American troop to win the first two places in the ranking of the best Latin hitters of “Al Rojas Vivo”, which for 17th. consecutive year publishes ESPN Digital weekly during the regular season of the Major Leagues. “Al Rojas Vivo”, … Read more

Buster Olney’s top 10 for 2022: The best MLB infielders

Buster Olneys top 10 for 2022 The best MLB infielders

The intrigue surrounding the best class of free-agent shortstops boils down to one final duo. Shortly after the next collective agreement is agreed, Carlos Correa Y Trevor Story they’ll sign big deals, and then much from the transactional focus of the sport will shift to another position: third base, including the guy who is ranked … Read more

MLB: Tatis Jr reveals his relationship with Machado after altercation in dugout

MLB Tatis Jr reveals his relationship with Machado after altercation

The fans witnessed one of the episodes of greatest internal tension in the San Diego Padres during the 2021 Season of MLB. This because Fernando Tatis Jr. and Manny Machado they had a heated discussion in full dugout. Months later and a few days ago, ‘El Niño’ revealed how is the relationship with Machado after … Read more

MLB Video: The Minister! Manny Machado hits tremendous grand slam vs Braves

manny machado.jpg 678662338

San Diego Padres faced Atlanta Braves on the day of this Saturday, September 25, corresponding to the regular calendar of the 2021 Season of MLB. One of the highlights of the exciting match was the hit of grand slam than Manny Machado he hit in the fifth inning to overtake the ‘Fráiles’ on the board. … Read more