Endrick, molded to the millimeter

Endrick molded to the millimeter

Real Madrid will not enjoy Endrick until the summer of 2024. However, he can breathe easy; the one in Brasilia is in good hands. Jewels must be treated with care and Palmeiras is clear about that. Hence, as AS has learned, they are measuring the steps of the very young striker with great care. With … Read more

Real Madrid, in Sao Paulo to negotiate for Endrick

Real Madrid in Sao Paulo to negotiate for Endrick

Lhe leaders of Real Madrid have already got down to work. Endrick’s signing is a priority. The Brazilian has not disappointed in his first games with Palmeiras and its price rises as the games pass. The race for his signing was already launched weeks ago and Real Madrid wants to finish a job started a … Read more

The unbridled race for Endrick: offer from PSG, immediate response from Real Madrid…

The unbridled race for Endrick offer from PSG immediate response

ANDndrick turned 16 in July. He has been talking about him for twelve months. He will not be able to play in Europe until the 2024-2025 season. No matter. His signing will be decided in the coming weeks. The unbridled race for the Palmeiras striker has already begun and the outcome looms urgently. Three warm-up … Read more

Braking by Endrick

1647437960 Braking by Endrick

Dsince in january lifted the Copinha as MVP with Palmeiras despite his 15 years, it was learned that key months in his career awaited Endrick. First by the arrival of his professional contract, the main goal, when he turned 16 (July 21); and then for committing to the team with which he will make the … Read more

Endrick: “I encourage Real Madrid to win another Champions League”

1643704208 Endrick I encourage Real Madrid to win another Champions League

TOjust won with Palmeiras la Copinha, the most prestigious title before professional football in Brazil. The videos of his goals have filled social networks these weeks. He never stops collecting individual awards and accolades. Neither suitors, the most prominent Real Madrid. Is named Endrick Felipe Moreira de Sousa, was born on July 21, 2006 and … Read more

Brake to Endrick

Brake to Endrick

The palm trees moves for prevent Real Madrid and the other great Europeans (United, City…) that are behind the new Brazilian pearl, Endrick (15 years old), can take him away as soon as he turns 16 next July. The Brazilian entity plan to shield it in summer. “The next step will be to sign a … Read more